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Title: Speak Everywhere: An Online Service for Linguists
Submitter: Atsushi Fukada
Description: The Center for Technology-Enhanced Language Learning at Purdue University
is pleased to announce the availability of Speak Everywhere, an online
speaking practice/assessment platform.

This service may be of interest to the following groups of people.

- Language Instructors can use the service in their courses to dramatically
increase speaking practice opportunities for their students. It can be used
to deliver oral tests as well.

- Language Laboratory Directors can use the system to provide an oral
practice/assessment platform for language instructors.

- Second Language Acquisition Researchers working on oral language
development can use the service to collect oral data: e.g. an interlanguage
pragmatics researcher can use a video clip as a cue to elicit an oral response.

- Corpus Linguists can use the service to collect large amounts of oral
productions to compile spoken language corpora.

- Language Textbook Authors/Publishers can use the service to create a
'speaking program' (as opposed to an audio program) to accompany their
textbooks. Pronunciation and phonetics textbooks should benefit greatly
from it.

For inquiries, email Dr. Atsushi Fukada ( or use the
Inquiry/Support link of the above-mentioned website.

I will be giving a one-hour presentation on the system on Sunday, November
20 at this year's ACTFL conference in Denver.
Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
Text/Corpus Linguistics
Language Acquisition

LL Issue: 22.4346
Date Posted: 02-Nov-2011

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