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Title: Great Corpus of French language Grammars...
Submitter: rosemonde mathieu
Description: Dear Colleagues,

As a publisher we would like to submit an announcement regarding a new

The Grand Corpus des grammaires françaises, des remarques et des traités
sur la langue XIVe-XVIIe siècles (Great Corpus of French language Grammars,
Commentaries and Treatises on language (14th-17th centuries)), which groups
together in one database the Corpus of French Renaissance grammars, the
Corpus of French 17th century grammars and the Corpus of remarks on the
French language (17th Century). This is close to representing all the
French grammars of the 14th to 17th centuries. Each grammar is presented
both in a digitalised format identical to the original version and also as
a fac-simile. The Great Corpus is unique in that it allows research ranging
from basic reference to in-depth academic research, according to the
requirements of researchers and students. For instance, the user will be
able to direct his/her research towards a detailed analysis of textual
structure based on the complete text: analysis of different words, of the
meta-text or of meta-linguistic terms. He/she will also be able to
investigate the pre-texts, post-texts, chapters, sub-chapters, paragraphs,
notes only (the editor’s and author’s notes, the marginalia, etc.) as well
as examples and quotations.

Other illustrations of the search engine’s functionalities: further
research can be carried out on the actual author of the grammar (according
to the date of composition, edition and publication, etc.) or on an author
referred to in the grammar as the source of an example, quotation, opinion
or similarly as a historical or mythological character. Hundreds of
combinations are therefore possible, allowing everyone to use the Great
Corpus according to his/her own needs, whether they be basic, on the spot
queries, or part of more detailed research over a longer period of time.

Created by a team of internationally recognised researchers, the Great
Corpus is an essential resource for every consultation or research library.
For the purpose of systematic study, the three constitutive resources of
the Great Corpus offer teachers, researchers and students a vast range of
research tools: full text research, authors’ thesaurus (5 categories) and
book titles (3 categories), examples and quotations thesaurus. The Great
Corpus provides an opportunity of composing one’s own working corpus,
extracting and exporting the results. Such an exceptional collection will
clearly contribute to improve research in the history of the French
language and the history of French linguistic ideas.

Please feel free to contact Rosemonde Mathieu at for any further information, or
visit our website at the following URL:

Classiques Garnier Digital
6, rue de la Sorbonne 75005 Paris France
Phone: +33 1 43 26 16 58 - Fax: +33 1 44 41 01 36
Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics
Text/Corpus Linguistics
History of Linguistics

Language Specialty: French
French, Middle
French, Old

LL Issue: 23.619
Date Posted: 06-Feb-2012

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