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Title: KH Coder: Quantitative Text Analysis
Submitter: Koichi Higuchi
Description: KH Coder is a free software for quantitative analysis of Japanese, English,
French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish language text.

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-Words: Frequency List
-Words: Searching
-Words: KWIC Concordance
-Words: Collocation Stats
-Words: Correspondence Analysis
-Words: Multi-Dimensional Scaling
-Words: Hierarchical Cluster Analysis
-Words: Co-Occurrence Network
-Codes: Developing Your Own Coding Rules
-Codes: Frequency List
-Codes: Cross Tabulation
-Codes: Correspondence Analysis
-Codes: Multi-Dimensional Scaling
-Codes: Co-Occurrence Network
-Codes: Hierarchical Cluster Analysis
-Codes: Searching
-Codes: Clustering
-Codes: Naive Bayes classifier
-Documents: Searching
-Documents: Clustering
-Documents: Naive Bayes classifier

KH Coder provides these functions using back-end tools such as Stanford POS
Tagger, Snowball stemmer, MySQL and R. Just input raw texts and you can
utilize these functionalities.

Originally, KH Coder was developed for content analysis in sociological
field and only supports analysis of Japanese language data. But
significant number of linguistic researches has been conducted with this
software and now it supports other languages.

Please try it out and let me know your comment and suggestions.

Thank you.
Linguistic Field(s): Text/Corpus Linguistics

Language Specialty: English

LL Issue: 23.1016
Date Posted: 29-Feb-2012

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