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Title: Linguist's Assistant - A Multilingual NLG
Submitter: Tod Allman
Description: Linguist's Assistant (LA) is a multilingual natural language generator
based on linguistic universals, typologies, and primitives. LA enables
linguists to build lexicons and grammars for a wide variety of languages,
particularly minority and endangered languages. After a lexicon and grammar
have been developed for a language, LA uses that information to produce
initial draft translations of numerous community development articles.
These articles teach people how to prevent the spread of various diseases
such as AIDS and Avian Influenza. These texts are intended to improve the
quality of people's lives, and enable the speakers of these languages to
participate in the larger world. The initial draft translations produced by
LA are always easily understandable, grammatically correct, and at
approximately a sixth grade reading level. When experienced mother-tongue
translators use the drafts generated by LA, their productivity is typically
quadrupled without any loss of quality. LA has been tested with English,
Korean, Kewa (Papua New Guinea), Jula (Cote d'Ivoire), and North Tanna
(Vanuatu), and proof-of-concept lexicons and grammars have been developed
for Spanish, Urdu, Tagalog, Chinantec (Mexico), and Angas (Nigeria).

LA is freeware which runs in Windows XP or later. You may download it from
the project's web site: For further
information, please contact Tod Allman at
Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
Computational Linguistics
Language Documentation

LL Issue: 23.2760
Date Posted: 18-Jun-2012

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