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Title: Language Learning: Ceaser 3.0 Latin Software
Submitter: Michael Cummings
Description: Anyone previously interested in The Caesar Machine 2.0 (freeware Latin hypertext reader for De Bello Gallico, Bk. I - click on a word to get an English definition) might also be interested in The Caesar Machine 3.0, which covers De Bello Gallico, Bks. II - V. Like version 2.0, this teaching machine is written in Visual Basic and operates under Windows -- you just mouse-click on a word in the text and the dictionary entry appears in English below the text. This also is freeware, downloads as a zip file = 2 Mb, runs under Windows
95/98/NT, and is available at:

The Caesar Machines incorporate search routines for the body of the text and the body of the dictionary, as well as for dictionary entries. Version 2.0 and the original Caesar
Machine (for DOS, also runs under Windows) are still available at the same place.

Michael Cummings
York University, Toronto
Linguistic Field(s): Translation

Language Specialty: English

LL Issue: 12.483
Date Posted: 21-Feb-2001

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