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Title: ETYMO - An Interpreter to Simulate Historical Sound Change
Submitter: Schmuki Marcel
Description: ETYMO is an IBM-compatible program which simulates regular historical sound change. ETYMO works as an interpreter which first reads a set of linguistical rules that describe the diachronical evolution of a language. It then applies those rules to ancestor words (which can be single words or corpora containing an unlimited number of words) and calculates its descendency line or lines (the program can handle ''single'' and ''multiple'' evolutions - in the latter case, the different possibilities are represented in an evolution tree). For each evolution step, ETYMO can give detailed information about the transformation. All evolutions can be saved and printed out. When used for corpus calculations, ETYMO can give statistical information about the regularity of the evolution. A set of linguistical rules describing the evolution from latin to spanish is available.
The program has been developped as a diploma work (''ETYMO - un interpr?teur linguistique dans le domaine de la linguistique diachronique. Avec une application ? l'?volution du latin ? l'espagnol'') at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland).
The program, it's source code, the linguistical data (a corpus with 600 spanish words) and the written diploma work can be downloaded a

Marcel Schmuki
Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics

LL Issue: 12.777
Date Posted: 20-Mar-2001

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