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Title: Development of Chronological Terms
Submitter: Alliance for the Advancement of Technology (AAT)
Description: Linguists,

A nonprofit Alliance for the Advancement of Technology (AAT) is pursuing development
of a metric-time standard, the Integrated Chronological Applications System (ICAS),
that is based on a premise that learning to use a system of metric time is similar
to learning a second language. Uses of ICAS are integrated relative the use of various
ICAS or non-ICAS measures in large part via the use of term sets. Certain guidelines
and options for the development of various term sets are described in the ICAS standard.
AAT ICAS in Brief version 6.01 is available in both HTML and PDF versions from AAT ICAS Itinica on the aatideas web a via Internet.

As the technology is emerging, the term sets in ICAS version 6.01 are not fully delimited.
In addition, term sets for users of metric time in languages other than English may also be developed.
Ronald L. Stone, programs manager
Alliance for the Advancement of Technology (AAT)

PO Box 141155
Mpls., MN 55414-1155
Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics

LL Issue: 13.1083
Date Posted: 19-Apr-2002

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