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Title: Unisyn Lexicon Re-release from CSTR
Submitter: Simon King
Description: CSTR is very pleased to announce the re-release of the
Unisyn Lexicon version 1.0
July 2002

The Unisyn lexicon is a master lexicon transcribed in keysymbols, a kind of metaphoneme which allows the encoding of multiple accents of English.

The lexicon is accompanied by a number of perl scripts which transform the base lexicon via phonological and allophonic rules, and other symbol changes, to produce output transcriptions in differen accents. The rules can be applied to the whole lexicon, to produce an accent-specific lexicon, or to running text. Output can be displayed
in keysymbols, SAMPA, or IPA.

Full documentation is included in the distribution from

The Unisyn lexicon was written by Sue Fitt (

(Our apologies for the withdrawal of the initial release in January, this was because of legal problems which have now been resolved)

Dr. Simon King
Centre for Speech Technology Research
For MSc/PhD info, visit
Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics

Language Specialty: English

LL Issue: 13.2007
Date Posted: 30-Jul-2002

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