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Title: EEGLAB Toolbox Released
Submitter: Arnaud Delorme
Description: EEGLAB - Tools for advanced EEG data analysis under Matlab using ICA and time/frequency methods - has been released under the GNU public license for download from:

EEGLAB is an integrated toolbox of 250 Matlab routines for analyzing and visualizing event-related EEG (or MEG) brain data. EEG, event, and channel location data can be read in a variety of formats. A graphic user interface allows users to explore their data interactively, while global data, event, and channel location structures, plus a command
history mechanism ease the transition to writing custom analysis scripts. An extensive .html tutorial and help messages allow users to learn to use all parts of the system. Matlab and binary routines for performing infomax and extended-infomax ICA are included, as is the
sample EEG data set used throughout the tutorial.

Principal authors: Arnaud Delorme & Scott Makeig
Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience
Institute for Neural Computation
University of California San Diego
Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science

LL Issue: 13.2978
Date Posted: 16-Nov-2002

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