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Title: New release of SignStream and ASL data
Submitter: Carol Neidle
Description: New release of SignStream and ASL data

NEW release of SignStream software (version 2.2) for Mac OS

NEW release of ASL data collected from native signers in the National Center for Sign Language and Gesture Resources at Boston University. Included are multiple synchronized high-quality video files (available in a variety
of formats) showing the signing from different angles as well as a close-up view of the face.

NEW Java Applet for viewing SignStream annotations of our data from other platforms.

COMING SOON: new, improved interface for our data repository, allowing access to our continually expanding corpus of annotated ASL data.
COMING by the end of this year: Beta release of SignStream version 3, a Java reimplementation with many new features, compatible with other platforms.

Registered users - are urged to download the new version!
This includes several bug fixes and will ensure compatibility of the data formats with the next version of SignStream now under development.

Prospective users - are invited to try the program.

The software and data are also available on CD-ROM:

SignStream is a database program for MacOS that facilitates the annotation and analysis of visual language data. It has been designed for study of signed languages and the gestural component of spoken languages, but may be of use for analysis of any video-based data.
The current version only handles digital video data that makes use of keyframes (e.g., Sorenson, QuickTime); it does not work with MPEG. The version now under development (3.0), expected to be released within a year, will not have this limitation. It is being implemented in Java and will be compatible with other platforms, as well.

Further information about the program, current development efforts, and materials available for distribution, can be found at our Web site. This work has been supported in part by grants from the National Science Foundation (SBR-9410562, IIS-9528985, IIS-9912573, and EIA-9809340).

Carol Neidle
Professor of French and Linguistics
Boston University
Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures
718 Commonwealth Ave. (room 402)
Boston, MA 02215

Phone and fax: 617-353-6218


Linguistic Field(s): Language Documentation

LL Issue: 14.1715
Date Posted: 17-Jun-2003

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