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Title: WORDSTAT v4.0: Analyzing Textual Information
Submitter: Normand Peladeau
Description: Provalis Research is pleased to announce the release of WordStat version 4.0.

New features and improvements include:
-Dictionary moderated lemmatization and stemming (English only for now, other languages will be added later).
-Heat map plot and dual-clustering to examining relationship between keywords and categorical or numerical variables.
-Clustering and multidimensional scaling of cases (records or documents) based on content similarity.
- Proximity plot to examine keywords co-occurrence or documents similarity in descending order of similarity (limit of 5000 documents).
- Phrases finder to easily identify recurring phrases and idioms.
- New drag'n drop dictionary editor for easy and quick assignment of words or phrases to dictionaries (may also be used to merge two dictionaries)
- Support for RTF documents (up to 10Mb per document) and larger memo fields (beyond the previous 64Kb limit)
- Direct importation of Word, WordPerfect and HTML documents from the editor.
- Customization of 2D and 3D multidimensional scaling charts, correspondence plots and bar charts (title, color, data point, data labels, etc.)
- Option to animate 3D multidimensional scaling charts and 3D correspondence plots (allows better visualization of all 3 dimensions).
- Descriptions may now be assigned to dictionary categories.
- 3D barcharts and line charts.
- Weighting of words or phrases in content categories may now be performed using floating-point numbers (positive values).
- Improved spell-checking with support for more than 10 differen languages such as English, French, Spanish, etc.
- All tables may now be saved in Excel, text or html format.
- All changes made to the categorization dictionary or exclusion list may be canceled during a session.
- Automatic selection of inflected forms by suffix or WordNet relationship (dictionary builder tool).
- Improve text editing (with undo).
- New categorization dictionaries based on WordNet and Roget ontology systems.
- Miscellaneous changes, speed improvements, etc.

About WordStat: WordStat is a content analysis and text mining module specifically designed to analyze textual information such as responses to open-ended questions, interviews, titles, journal articles, public speeches, electronic communications, etc. It provides numerous statistical and graphical tools to visualize text and examine the
relationship between words or categories of words and the values of categorical and numerical variables (cluster analysis, multidimensional scaling, proximity plot, correspondence plot, heatmap, bar chart, line chart, crosstabulation, statistical
association measures, etc.). Such tools allow users to compare how different groups differs in vocabulary usage, discussed topic, or content category. They also may be used to uncover existing relationships between specific categories of words and numeric
variables such as age of the respondent, year of publication, etc. WordStat can analyze text directly or apply categorization dictionaries to group words with similar meanings. The program also provides numerous tools to facilitate the development and validation
of new categorization dictionaries.

For more information on WordStat and to obtain evaluation copy please visit our Web Site under:

Normand Peladeau
Provalis Research


We are also working on a new text management and qualitative analysis software. This new software will be offered as an optional base module for WordStat. It will provide an easy way to manage documents and perform common qualitative analysis tasks. While CodeMinder is still under public beta testing, a pre-released version of CodeMiner is also available.

For more information on CodeMiner and to download a trial version, please visit our web site at:

Normand Peladeau
Provalis Research
Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics
Text/Corpus Linguistics

LL Issue: 14.1740
Date Posted: 19-Jun-2003

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