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Title: ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update 03/06-2
Submitter: Hélène Mazo
Description: T0368 : Multilingual Wordbank
The Multilingual Wordbank consists of word translation glossaries designed
for the travel/handy-reference market. It consists of 17,500 core terms
from English into French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese, plus
full coverage of local variations in American English, Latin American
Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. Every word is given a frequency ranking,
which can be used as a guide to user levels. In addition, all translations
in the Wordbank are provided along with appropriate part of speech and
gender information. It is provided in tab-delimited text. For more
information, see

T0369 : Multilingual Phrasebank
The Phrasebank consists of 3,000 base phrases per language organized under
9 different topics, many of which are further subdivided. It is presented
in a compressed format, with substitutable elements bracketed, and one or
several alternatives included within the entry, reducing storage space
wasted due to repetition of common material. The compression is extended
further by reference to 'template' sets of common terms, e.g. Days of the
Week, Parts of the Body, allowing a base phrase to be combined with up to
100 different terms. 9 languages covered (incl regional variants): UK
English, US English, French, German, Italian, European Spanish, Latin
American Spanish, European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese. It is provided
in tab-delimited text for phrases and Excel spreadsheets for template
lists. For more information, see

T0370 : Dictionary of Law
Over 4,000 entries define and explain the major terms, concepts, processes,
and the organization of the English legal system. It features authoritative
and up-to-date articles which have been written by practising and academic
lawyers. New entries cover the Woolf reforms, human rights law, as well as
family law, central and local government, and international law. The
dictionary is provided in XML.
For more information, see

T0371 : Dictionary of Medecine
Over 10,000 clear and concise entries cover all major medical and surgical
specialities. The dictionary reflects recent developments in the medical
field, covering new drugs in clinical use, as well as new advances in
genetics, infertility treatment, cancer, organ transplantation, and BSE.
The dictionary is provided in XML. For more information, see

W0041 : Corpus of Contemporaneous Spanish Novels
This corpus consists of 11 novels written in Castilian Spanish by
Inmaculada Ferrer-Vidal Turull, a contemporaneous author.
For more information, see
Linguistic Field(s): Text/Corpus Linguistics

Language Specialty: English

LL Issue: 17.810
Date Posted: 16-Mar-2006

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