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Title: ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update 03/06-3
Submitter: Hélène Mazo
Description: S0209 : Oxford English phonetics files
Derived from a range of Oxford Dictionaries, these files list word forms
together with a representation of their IPA pronunciation. It contains
250,000 words. Pronunciation is based on standard British English. Word
forms include dictionary lemmas and inflections or other morphological
variations, plus a wide range of proper name and encyclopedic material. The
data also includes a large number of common multi-word phrases and compound
nouns. The files are provided in XML. For more information, see

S0210 : Shorter Oxford English Dictionary - Audio Files
These are recorded headwords for the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary.
British English pronunciation. It consists of over 95,000 soundfiles. The
files are provided in 11kHz 8-bit WAV. For more information, see
Linguistic Field(s): Morphology

Language Specialty: English

LL Issue: 17.811
Date Posted: 16-Mar-2006

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