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Title: NEMLAR Arabic Resouces in ELRA Catalogue - 08/06
Submitter: Helene Mazo
Description: ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue - Update

We are happy to announce the following Arabic resources, produced within
the NEMLAR project ( All 3 resources are owned and
copyrighted by the Nemlar Consortium. They are available in our catalogue.
To view all the Language Resources available, you can visit our on-line
catalogue: or

ELRA-W0042 NEMLAR Written Corpus

This corpus consists of about 500,000 words of Arabic text from 13
different categories. The text is provided in 4 different versions:
- Raw text
- Fully vowelized text
- Text with Arabic lexical analysis
- Text with Arabic POS-tags

The database is distributed on 1 ISO 9660 CD-ROM volume.

For more information, see

ELRA-S0219 NEMLAR Broadcast News Speech Corpus

The data consists of about 40 hours and is provided by ELDA of Arabic data
(mainly Standard Arabic from a number of broadcast companies);
Transcriptions follow the Transcriber conventions as used by ELDA and focus
on the orthographic, named entities, speaker/turn segmentation levels. No
phonetic transcription/segmentation is planned.

The database is distributed in 1 ISO 9660 DVD-ROM volume.

For more information, see

ELRA-S0220 NEMLAR Speech Synthesis Corpus

The NEMLAR Speech Synthesis Corpus contains the recordings of 2 native
Egyptian speakers (male and female, 35 years old) recorded in a studio over
2 channel (voice + laryngograph). The data collection and transcription
were performed by RDI (Egypt).

Speech samples are stored in 96 kHz, 24 bit with the least significant byte
first (“lohi” or Intel format) as (signed) integers.

The speaker read 2,032 prompted sentences covering approx. 42,000 words in
three categories: transcribed speech (20%), written text (50%), and
constructed phrases (30%).

The database is provided with orthographic, prosodic and phonetic
transcriptions in SAMPA. All transcriptions were segmented at the
utterance (sentence/command word) level, annotated at the word level and
checked manually. A pronunciation lexicon including 3,589 headwords with
phonetics in SAMPA is also available.

The database is distributed on 3 ISO 9660 DVD-ROM volumes.

For more information, see

For more information on the catalogue, please contact Valérie Mapelli
Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics
Text/Corpus Linguistics

LL Issue: 17.2368
Date Posted: 22-Aug-2006

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