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What better way to find out what it's like to work at the LINGUIST List than to hear about it from the LINGUISTs themselves?

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Andrea's Letter "...I have been fortunate enough to help develop a website and online archive of Dena'ina Athabaskan. ...I am proud to have been a part of the Dena'ina Archiving, Training and Access project, and I hope to use the skills I learned to help other communities access language information online..."
Jessica's Letter "...LINGUIST is the ability to do work that really contributes to my field of study. Every day I come in and do work that interests me and is truly valuable to my colleagues. I love my job, and I get to do fantastic things for it..."
Maria's Letter "...One of the most interesting and challenging things about working for LINGUIST is that there are many ways in which you see linguistics applied..."
Svetlana's Letter "...From my very first day here at LL, no two days have been the same. The variety of tasks that we do every day and the different things we learn make it both challenging and interesting..."
Kevin's Letter "...Just being part of such a thing as LINGUIST has been quite an experience. I still am overwhelmed with the capacity of all of my fellow workers, and am absolutely in awe of the energy and intelligence of our moderators Helen and Anthony. This entire experience has been quite the inspiration of my life..."
Susan H's Letter "...One of the reasons I love my work here is that instead of using linguistics to make computers run better (a worthwhile goal, but not what I'm interested in), we're using computers to serve linguistics..."
Tanya's Letter "...working at the LINGUIST List is challenging, but then where else would I learn how to program in three months?!..."
Susan S's Letter "...I am thrilled to be working here, not only because I need a job to pay for school but because of all the amazing learning opportunities. It's great to be a part of something so useful and to be working with people who are all so competent, engaged in their work and eager to help..."
Vanessa's Letter "...In the short time that I've been with LINGUIST List, my academic experience has been enriched by the daily exposure to many different aspects of linguistics. My knowledge of the discipline has broadened thanks to the opportunity of being part of such an amazing team..."
James's Letter "...I am quickly beginning to realize that having the privilege to work at a place like LINGUIST is what really takes a simply 'good' education and raises it to the level of great..."
Ann's Letter "...Working here provides each of us with the kind of terrifying, frustrating, satisfying experiences that slowly but inexorably build our confidence as future linguists. ...Working for LINGUIST is truly one of the best opportunities a linguistics student could have..."
Michael's Letter "...I enjoy working for LINGUIST and for the linguistics community. It is challenging and interesting. I like to think that our increasing submissions, our increasing users and our increasing postings show that we are more relevant and usable than ever..."
Ljuba's Letter "...The students who work on LINGUIST List learn database design, SQL and ColdFusion. They are wizards at dynamic HTML and before long they will be learning various applications of geographical information systems in linguistics..."
Meredith's Letter "...I consider it an honor, not a chore, to be a cog in the machine that provides so much infrastructure to the field. I'm proud of my work, and the team's work. Every day I come in, I'm doing something important, something that others depend on me for, something that challenges me intellectually, and something I truly enjoy doing!..."
Amy's Letter "...I walked into LL the first day, and the atmosphere was warm and friendly. ...My new workmates were from different scholarly backgrounds, but we all had something in common-a love of linguistics and an eagerness to learn. I knew that I was in the right place..."
Martin's Letter "...I usually leave the office several hours later than I am supposed to. This is something I share with the rest of the crew. We do not work unpaid overtime because we have to, but because we want to. We love our work, and we take pride in doing a good job..."
Lindsay's Letter "...My position with LINGUIST List has been a wonderful experience. ...I get to keep up with all the recently published books in the field and read the reviews!..."
Megan's Letter "...What makes working at LINGUIST so great is not just being a part of our incredibly diverse, funny, and friendly crew--it's the fact that I get to learn something new every single day. I honestly believe that I've learned more about linguistics from working at LINGUIST than from any single class in my M.A. program..."
Tako's Letter " has been so great to work with such enthusiastic and goal-oriented people. The experience at LINGUIST List has definitely made an enormous impact on my life: learning new things, meeting new people, and keeping in touch with most current trends and studies in the linguistics discipline..."