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Support Announcement:

Level: PhD
Duty: Research,Teaching,Project Work
Linguistic Field: General Linguistics
Application Deadline: 15-Nov-2012
Supporting Institution: Universiteit Leiden
LL Issue: 23.4461
Posted: 25-Oct-2012
Support Description: Job description
The PhD project is part of the research program 'Lend me your ears: the grammar
of (un)transferable possession.", awarded to Prof. dr. Johan Rooryck (Leiden
University, Main applicant) and dr. Marjo van Koppen (Utrecht University) by the
Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). This program is a
coöperation between Leiden University and Utrecht University.

Background info:

The way in which languages mark alienable and inalienable possession varies
crosslinguistically. Some languages grammatically encode inalienable possession
by marking body parts and kinship terms in the same way (e.g. Mandinka). Other
languages make further distinctions within the group of inalienable possessed
elements by marking body parts and kinship terms differently (Ungarinjin). This
suggests that there may be additional semantic categories of possession besides
alienable and inalienable.

We are looking for a PhD-student who will investigate the expression of
possession in a large number of unrelated languages in order to determine:
- The range of variation in different semantic types of possession.
- How these different types are mapped on morphological and syntactic

The PhD-student will participate in a research team consisting of Prof.dr. Johan
Rooryck and Dr. Erik Schoorlemmer at Leiden University, as well as Prof. dr.
Norbert Corver, Dr. Marjo van Koppen and a PhD-student at Utrecht University.
The PhD student will be based at the Leiden University Centre for Linguistics
(LUCL). The project will start on 1 February 2013. For more information, please see
the full description of the project at

Your profile
We are looking for someone who:
- holds a Master's or equivalent degree in linguistics or a related field. Students
who are close to finishing their Master's program are also welcome to apply.
- has a good basic knowledge of the research methods of at least two of the
following fields: typology, semantics, and syntax, and is eager to expand his/her
knowledge and skills in all three of these fields,
- has a curious, enterprising, and creative mind as well as excellent analytical
- has an excellent command of both spoken and written English,
- has outstanding writing skills,
- has the ability to work both independently and as part of a team.
- has the ambition to pursue an academic career in an internationally oriented
scientific context.

Your tasks
The successful candidate will:
- conduct original research in line with both the general research project and the
PhD project described above,
- write a PhD thesis,
- submit research results for publication in peer-reviewed academic journals,
- present papers at (international) conferences,
- contribute to undergraduate teaching,
- take part in reading and discussions groups, seminars and their organization.

More info about the conditions and how to apply see:
Application Web Address:
Contact Information: Prof. dr. J. Rooryck