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Support Announcement:

Level: PhD
Duty: Research
Linguistic Field: Psycholinguistics
Cognitive Science
Genetic Classification
Application Deadline: 21-Jan-2014
Supporting Institution: Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
International Max Planck Research School for Language Sciences for Language Sciences
LL Issue: 24.4823
Posted: 29-Nov-2013
Support Description: What are the foundations for language in our species? How do genes build the brain capable of learning and processing diverse languages? If you have a background in
- Genetics
- Brain sciences
- Psychology
- Linguistics or anthropology
you could contribute to the fundamental science in this area and earn a PhD degree in the International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) for Language Sciences.

The IMPRS for Language Sciences is now advertising four PhD positions in the following departments:
- Language and genetics department (MPI), headed by Simon Fisher
- Neurobiology of language department (MPI), headed by Peter Hagoort
- Psychology of language department (MPI), headed by Antje Meyer
- Language and cognition department (MPI), headed by Stephen Levinson

More information on the PhD descriptions and on how to apply:
Application Mailing Address: Dirkje van der Aa Wundtlaan 1 Nijmegen 6525 XD Netherlands
Application Web Address:
Contact Information: Dirkje van der Aa