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Level: PhD
Duty: Research
Linguistic Field: Sociolinguistics
Application Deadline: 31-Jul-2014
Supporting Institution: Queen Mary University of London
LL Issue: 25.1608
Posted: 04-Apr-2014
Support Description: The Variable Morphosyntax of Multi-ethnic London English (MLE)

This project takes an extant large database of spoken material from multi-ethnic communities in inner London and examines a range of morphosyntactic phenomena in the variety. The initial part of the project will be to identify a subset of morphosyntactic features in the variety that are amenable to both syntactic and sociolinguistic analysis. Each of these features will then be analysed, using standard multivariate techniques, to determine what factors influence the variability, and how the variety itself is changing in reaction to the ways that it is used by its speakers. This may require the collection and coding of extra data from the same communities. The variationist analysis will be complemented by a morphosyntactic analysis of the features, and the core theoretical issue will be to develop further a framework for understanding both the limits and the extent of morphosyntactic variation in this variety, and the mechanisms by which features emerge, are maintained, and are lost in the variety.

The ideal candidate will have a strong background in both generative syntax and in variationist sociolinguistics, with a good masters degree, ideally in one of these areas, or the connection between them. The project will be jointly supervised by Professor Jenny Cheshire and Professor David Adger.

The project will start in September 2014, and is fully funded for three years.
Application Web Address:
Contact Information: Prof David Adger