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Opportunities at LINGUIST List

Love linguistics? Good with computers? Read on to find out how to become a LINGUIST List Research Assistant. On this page you will also find information about LINGUIST and the current Research Assistants.

What is LINGUIST List?
Where it's been: A brief history of the LINGUIST List.
Where it's going: Find out about E-MELD and other projects LINGUIST is involved in.
How it's getting there: A list of LINGUIST List's current supporters.

So, you wanna be a LINGUIST?
What LINGUISTs do: The job duties of LINGUIST staff.
Support: Assistantships and other ways LINGUIST Lists supports its staff.
And some extras: Find out about those extra benefits LINGUIST offers, such as Academic Benefits, Staff Achievements, and the opportunity to work on an Award-Winning Website with an International Staff.

Come on, we did it...
Current staff: A list of current LINGUISTs.
What we think: How actual LINGUISTs feel about working here.
Plus we're cute: Some group pictures.