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What LINGUIST Research Assistants Do

Three main tasks are expected of LINGUIST List staff:

Editing and public relations
Development and maintenance of the linguist list website
Participation in special projects

The tasks LINGUIST List assistants are assigned cater to each person's specific interests and strengths. However, LINGUIST research assistants are expected to be knowledgable in all three areas. Also, all assistants must be full-time students at Eastern Michigan University. To find out more, click here.

Editing and Public Relations
With more than 87,000 email messages being sent out from LINGUIST List per day, the major task of all staff is editing and posting these messages.

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Development and Maintenance of the LL Website Another task expected of LINGUIST List research assistants is basic programming and updating of webpages to keep the site running smoothly. LINGUIST List is committed to adopting the newest developments in web technology so what you learn will definitely be the state of the art. For instance, in recent years LINGUIST List research assistants have had to learn XML, JavaScript, CSS, ColdFusion, SQL and RSS. What you learn by the time you get hired will depend on the requirements of the web at that time. You don't have to be a professional programmer in order to do daily web work for the LINGUIST List. But you will be working with professional programmers and your most important assets are curiosity, desire to learn and ability to work in a team.

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Participation in Special Projects LINGUIST List develops electronic infrastructure for the discipline by participation in special projects:

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