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Program Name: European InterComprehension (EIC) - InterCompréhension Européenne (ICE)
Alternate Name: EIC - ICE
Program Homepage:
Institution: University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne
Address: Eric Castagne - Université de Reims
UFR Lettres et Sciences Humaines - 57 rue Pierre Taittinger
City: Reims
Zip/Postal Code: 51100
Country: France
Contact Person: eric castagne, Dr

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Phone: +33 326 918 612
Linguistic Subfield(s): Cognitive Science
Computational Linguistics
Discipline of Linguistics
Language/Language Family Specialization(s): Germanic
Slavic Subgroup
Program Size: Small (1-10 students)
Program Description: The goal of EIC research program is to do researches on intercomprehension between people (in a co-operative and pluridisciplinary spirit), and to answer the current needs with efficiency. Based on fundamental and applied research, EIC research program proposes to develop functional intercomprehension between languages contributes and to establish 'communicance' in a reliable way :
· in the field of the acquisition of information: it makes it possible, in a very practical way, to get inform (more efficient informational and technological knowledge management) in original version;
· in the field of the communication of information: it helps communicate synthetically, clearly and precisely (which is capital in the industrial trade and economics).
How to do it ? To develop a IEC DVD accelerating how to get competences in written and listening comprehension in several languages in both general and specialized fields, as well as how to get new competences in writting and speaking in mother tongue for a better multilingual one's communication. It will include innovations resulting from prospective research. Its multidimensional strategy takes the current cognitive and international stakes into consideration.
A diagram of broad dissemination is already under development: everywhere, researchers work with various groups, in several areas of Europe and of the world. Why should we not consider the systematic development of the network of intercomprehension between Romance, Germanic, Nordic, Slavic languages,…
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