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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date Posted
Night Before Xmas Linguists' Version! & Other Gags Dave Sayers 27.5169 Dec-16-2016
New Programs on TV Malintzin Norbert Francis 27.3641 Sep-14-2016
Keynote Address-Cultural Linguistic Conference Marzieh Sadegh Pour 27.3149 Aug-02-2016
Genie, the Feral Child (Article in The Guardian) LINGUIST List 27.3020 Jul-21-2016
A Survey of Spoken Irish in the Aran Islands, Co. Deirdre Ní Chonghaile 27.231 Jan-11-2016
Slavic Studies at the University of Potsdam. An Interview with a Seattle Internet Radio Peter Kosta 26.5624 Dec-18-2015
New Videos on English Grammar Bas Aarts 26.4417 Oct-07-2015
Dialect Variation in Appalachia Kirk Hazen 26.3304 Jul-15-2015
TV Malintzin - Oral Tradition Norbert Francis 26.3029 Jun-24-2015
BBC Radio and MOOCs on Origins of Human Language Toru Fujimoto 26.2656 May-28-2015
Sprachforschung: ''In Deutschland sterben die Dialekte aus'' - SPIEGEL ONLINE Damir Cavar 26.2196 Apr-26-2015
Ladino coverage and revitalization at UCLA Damir Cavar 26.1353 Mar-11-2015
Conference in honour of Denis Bouchard on the Web Catherine Léger 26.626 Jan-28-2015
Language Matters. A Film by David Grubin Malgorzata Cavar 26.624 Jan-28-2015
The Ling Space: A Video Series about Linguistics Moti Lieberman 26.625 Jan-28-2015
Treebank of Early New High German Ulrike Demske 25.4307 Sep-26-2014
Nahuatl Oral Tradition Norbert Francis 25.3116 Jul-30-2014
'New Scientist' feature about Bangime Matthew Bradley 25.2419 Jun-03-2014
New, unique Native American maps using autonyms Aaron Carapella 25.1536 Mar-31-2014
More genders on Facebook, still the same pronouns Dennis Baron 25.1041 Mar-03-2014
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