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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date Posted
Rewatch Protolang 6, Lisbon nathalie gontier 32.2107 Jun-16-2021
Field Notes Podcast Season 3 Launch Martha Tsutsui 32.1671 May-04-2021
Publication of the CorpAGEst Corpus - Free Access on Ortolang Catherine Bolly 32.718 Feb-16-2021
Much Language Such Talk, A Podcast Talking about All the Aspects of Bi/multilingualism Carine Abraham 31.3844 Dec-10-2020
Night Before Xmas (Linguists Edition!) + Other Fun Dave Sayers 31.3773 Dec-04-2020
A Celebratory Blog Honoring Philip Jaggar Roxana Ma Newman 31.3677 Nov-25-2020
Multimedial proceedings ''Language in Mind & Brain'' Christina Sanchez-Stockhammer 31.3339 Oct-26-2020
Multimedial Proceedings ''Language in Mind & Brain'' Christina Sanchez-Stockhammer 31.3212 Oct-21-2020
Digital Humanities (in) Turkey Erdal Ayan 31.2325 Jul-18-2020
Web Library DH Turkey Erdal Ayan 31.2324 Jul-18-2020
Enhanced Large Scale Colloquial Persian Language Understanding (LSCP) Corpus Hadi Abdi Khojasteh 31.1757 May-22-2020
StreamGram: Open Forum for Grammatical Theory Edoardo Cavirani 30.4078 Oct-28-2019
Endangered Languages and Cultures of Siberia Irina Nikolaeva 30.3912 Oct-15-2019
Free webinar: Using the OED to investigate the implications of Douglas’s lexical choices in the Eneados OED Team 30.3651 Sep-27-2019
Four short documentaries (10 min each) on Metaphor Marianna Bolognesi 30.3543 Sep-19-2019
Teach You Backwards Martin Benjamin 30.3542 Sep-18-2019
The Vocal Fries Podcast Carrie Gillon 30.3049 Aug-06-2019
Field Notes (Linguistics Podcast) Vera Ferreira 30.3026 Aug-03-2019
Book Announcement Antonio Pamies Bertrán 30.1145 Mar-13-2019
New Sociolinguistics Podcast Jennifer Smith 30.648 Feb-07-2019
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