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LINGUIST List Amazon Store Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LINGUIST List Amazon Store?

The LINGUIST List Amazon Store is a subsection of specialized to feature books, essential electronics like audio recorders and hard drives, and everything else a linguist might need. Additionally, it's a convenient way for users to support the LINGUIST List just by doing their normal Amazon shopping.

More information about Amazon stores can be found here.

How does the Amazon Store support LINGUIST List?

For every purchase made through the LINGUIST List Amazon Store, LINGUIST List receives a small percentage of the sales. The more items purchased, the larger the percentage. For example, if 7 books are purchased from the LINGUIST List Amazon Store in one month, LINGUIST List will receive 6% of the revenue from each book sale. These funds go straight to supporting the graduate students who maintain the LINGUIST List website and mailing list. LINGUIST List is a small nonprofit organization, and we need every bit of funding we can get-- the Amazon Store is a great way for users to support us at no cost to themselves.

How can I buy through Amazon and have my purchases credited to the LINGUIST List?

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Use one of the following referral links to the store in the country that best suits you. These links won't go to the LINGUIST store, but instead will take you to the main Amazon site. But there's a tag in the link that will ensure that every purchase you make will give LINGUIST a donation. Best of all, you can bookmark these links and donate every time you buy from Amazon!
  2. Go to one of the six LINGUIST Amazon stores in the country that best suits you:

Is there any extra cost to users who buy through the Amazon Store?

Absolutely not! When you buy products through the LINGUIST List Amazon Store, you don't pay a penny more than you otherwise would on Amazon. You pay exactly the same price as usual, and LINGUIST List benefits. Everyone wins!

What can I buy through the LINGUIST List Amazon Store?

While we've focused on putting together a broad, well-organized inventory of linguistics-related books, you can buy any Amazon product through the LINGUIST List Store! Simply go to, select the product category in the top left corner, and search for the product. Anything you find and buy through the LINGUIST List Store will generate revenue for LINGUIST List.

What is the "Buy this book at Amazon?" link?

Clicking the "Buy this book at Amazon" link will take you directly to the listing for that book, and allow you to purchase it through the LINGUIST List Amazon Store.

Why do some books not have a "Buy at Amazon" link?

Our supporting publishers are important to us, and we've made it a priority to be considerate of their wishes. Publishers have the choice to opt out of Amazon links on their books' pages; if you don't see an Amazon Store link on a book page, it means the book's publisher has chosen to opt out of Amazon links or the book isn't listed on Amazon.

Thank you for supporting LINGUIST List! If you have any questions or comments about the Amazon Store, please contact us at

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