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Subject: Technical name for a new writing concept (Onamography)
Question: Greetings to all the experts on this panel. I appreciate the time and effort your team has been putting in to address (possibly amateurish) queries from people like me with little background of linguistics. I am the creator of a writing style (and puzzles based on it) called Onamography. It involves creatively incorporating proper nouns (company names, celebrities, etc.) in regular English sentences. A couple of examples: Onnicle 1: The man at the bar acknowledged that he found the job amateurish. Onnicle 2: The SMS said..Bob ill. The rag ate sick shellfish! The first sentence has 'Barack Obama' embedded in it and the second one has Bill Gates. The concept can be extended to include multiple names in a paragraph. The FAQ and the samples on the website ( could provide a better idea of the concept that I'm describing. I've been trying to find out if there is a technical name to describe it. One of the experts I approached mentioned that the concept is ingenious and related to oronyms. Would you be able to help out in specifying how it might be categorized? Is there a standard technical name for something like this? Cheers, Sameer
Reply: It's not a pun because your "letters" do not match the actual pronunciation. I believe the technical term would be "Omnicle"...such as it is. I have seen this type of word puzzle before in Jeopardy where a hidden word was embedded in a phrase, but I can't recall what they called that category.
Reply From: Elizabeth J Pyatt      click here to access email
Date: 14-Apr-2010
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