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Jun 2016

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Festival of Methods (Session of Corpora and Discourse International Conference)
Global Englishes PhD Conference  [Southampton] [24-Jun-2016 - 24-Jun-2016]

Jul 2016

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Community Interpreting in Greece: An International Roundtable (CiGreece)  [Igoumenitsa] [14-Jul-2016 - 15-Jul-2016]
The Internal and External Syntax of Adverbial Clauses. Theoretical Implications and Consequences.  [Zentrum für Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft, Berlin] [21-Jul-2016 - 23-Jul-2016]

Aug 2016

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8th International Conference in Evolutionary Linguistics (CIEL8)  [Bloomington, Indiana] [08-Aug-2016 - 10-Aug-2016]
Ad Hoc Categories and Their Linguistic Construction (Session of 49th Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea)
Afrikaans Grammar: Descriptive and Theoretical Perspectives  [Johannesburg] [25-Aug-2016 - 26-Aug-2016]
Germanic Society of Forensic Linguistics (GSFL2016)  [Mainz] [26-Aug-2016 - 28-Aug-2016]
II International Meeting on Archaeology and Historical Linguistics of the Indigenous Languages of South America (II Arch. and HL)  [Brasília, DF] [06-Aug-2016 - 08-Aug-2016]
Middle and Early New Indo-Aryan: a crucial period for linguistic development? (Session of 49th Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea)
Perspective-indexing Constructions (Session of 49th Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea)
Psycholinguistic Investigations into Number and Quantification in Natural Language  [Wroclaw] [29-Aug-2016 - 31-Aug-2016]
Second International Conference on Linguistics in Sri Lanka (ICLSL 2016)  [Colombo] [25-Aug-2016 - 25-Aug-2016]
TESOL Indonesia International Conference  [Mataram City, Lombok] [11-Aug-2016 - 13-Aug-2016]
The 21st Conference of Pan-Pacific Association of Applied Linguistics (PAAL)  [Tamkang University, Tamsui] [22-Aug-2016 - 24-Aug-2016]

Sep 2016

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11th FL Teaching and Research Mini-Conference in Matsuyama (11thMatsu16)  [Matsuyama, Ehime] [17-Sep-2016 - 18-Sep-2016]
19th NSSA International Conference - Symbolism and Instrumentality in Naming (NSSA 2016)  [Bloemfontein, Free State Province] [20-Sep-2016 - 22-Sep-2016]
2. Systeme – Netzwerke – Transferprozesse (Session of Netzwerke und Transferprozesse. VII. Internationale Germanistentagung an der Christlichen)
2nd Conference on English Language, Literature, Teaching & Translation Studies (CELLTTS)  [Sarajevo] [30-Sep-2016 - 01-Oct-2016]
45th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Association of the Southwest (LASSO 2016)  [The University of Texas at Austin Campus, Austin, Texas] [15-Sep-2016 - 17-Sep-2016]
4th Conference CMC and Social Media Corpora for the Humanities (cmc-corpora)  [Ljubljana] [27-Sep-2016 - 28-Sep-2016]
4th International Conference on Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Structure, Use, and Me (SUM 2016)  [Brasov] [21-Sep-2016 - 24-Sep-2016]
      Session: Translation and Interpretation Studies
      Session: Analysing political communication
4th Santiago de Compostela International Workshop on Discourse Analysis (IWoDA'16)  [Santiago de Compostela] [29-Sep-2016 - 30-Sep-2016]
6th Biennial CLIL Symposium  [Barranquilla, Atlántico] [09-Sep-2016 - 10-Sep-2016]
7th Brno Conference on Linguistics Studies in English (BCLSE)  [Brno] [12-Sep-2016 - 13-Sep-2016]
8th Tsakonian Conference  [Leonidio Arcadia] [09-Sep-2016 - 11-Sep-2016]
Analysing political communication (Session of 4th International Conference on Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Structure, Use, and Me)
Between (stable) Meanings and (unstable) Interpretations (BMI)  [Krakow] [15-Sep-2016 - 16-Sep-2016]
Big Data and Bad Data: Challenges of Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods  [Lausanne, Vaud] [02-Sep-2016 - 03-Sep-2016]
Cognitive Modeling in Linguistics 2016 (CML-2016)  [Lloret de Mar] [11-Sep-2016 - 18-Sep-2016]
Computational Linguistics in Bulgaria (CLiB-2016)  [Sofia] [09-Sep-2016 - 09-Sep-2016]
Conference on Natural Language Processing (KONVENS 2016)  [Bochum] [19-Sep-2016 - 21-Sep-2016]
Effects in Language Processing to Social Effects in Language Evolution  [Nijmegen] [15-Sep-2016 - 16-Sep-2016]
English Studies in Non-native Environments: Reflections and Projections  [Ile-Ife, Osun State.] [05-Sep-2016 - 08-Sep-2016]
European Values of Contemporary Romanian Studies (EVCRS)  [IASI] [21-Sep-2016 - 23-Sep-2016]
Formal Diachronic Semantics (FoDS 2016)  [Konstanz] [12-Sep-2016 - 14-Sep-2016]
Foundations of the Language of Argumentation  [Potsdam] [13-Sep-2016 - 13-Sep-2016]
Free Linguistics Conference 2016 (FLC2016)  [Padang, West Sumatra] [29-Sep-2016 - 01-Oct-2016]
From Theory to Practice  [Zlin] [08-Sep-2016 - 09-Sep-2016]
International Conference on Communication Across Cultures (COCAC)  [Warsaw] [29-Sep-2016 - 30-Sep-2016]
Investigating Arabic Second Language Learning: Empirical Findings and Trends (Arabic SLA Conference)  [University of Michigan, Ann Arbor] [24-Sep-2016 - 25-Sep-2016]
Language Contact in Asia and the Pacific (LCAP 2016)  [University Macau, Macau S.A.R.] [16-Sep-2016 - 17-Sep-2016]
Language in Logic and in Conversation (LogiCon 2016)  [Utrecht] [19-Sep-2016 - 20-Sep-2016]
Linking Social Effects in Language Processing to Social Effects in Language Evolution  [Nijmegen] [15-Sep-2016 - 16-Sep-2016]
Netzwerke und Transferprozesse. VII. Internationale Germanistentagung an der Christlichen  [Oradea] [08-Sep-2016 - 09-Sep-2016]
      Session: 2. Systeme – Netzwerke – Transferprozesse
Norm and Anomaly in Literature, Culture, and Language  [Siedlce] [19-Sep-2016 - 20-Sep-2016]
PARSEME Final Meeting (PARSEME)  [Dubrovnik] [26-Sep-2016 - 27-Sep-2016]
Postgraduate Academic Researchers in Linguistics At York (PARLAY)  [York] [02-Sep-2016 - 02-Sep-2016]
Revisiting Shakespeare in the 21st Century (Shakespeare)  [Patna] [15-Sep-2016 - 16-Sep-2016]
Syllables and Syllabification: Theoretical Approaches and Pedagogical Applications  [Poitiers] [29-Sep-2016 - 30-Sep-2016]
Terminology at the Beginning of the New Century: Theoretical and Practical Aspects (TBNC 2016)  [Rivne] [15-Sep-2016 - 16-Sep-2016]
Time and Space in Italian Language and Literature  [Craiova] [16-Sep-2016 - 17-Sep-2016]
Translation and Interpretation Studies (Session of 4th International Conference on Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Structure, Use, and Me)
Witches and Angels – Perception of Women in Ancient and Modern Cultures  [Piotrkow Trybunalski] [15-Sep-2016 - 16-Sep-2016]
Workshop on Heritage Language Acquisition  [Tromsø] [19-Sep-2016 - 20-Sep-2016]
Workshop: Recursion in Phonology  [Sendai] [01-Sep-2016 - 02-Sep-2016]

Oct 2016

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2016 Annual Meeting in Phonology (AMP 2016)  [Los Angeles, California] [21-Oct-2016 - 23-Oct-2016]
2016 International Symposium on Verbs, Clauses and Constructions (VCC2016)  [Logroño, La Rioja] [26-Oct-2016 - 28-Oct-2016]
2nd Conference of Central Asian Language and Linguistics (ConCALL-2)  [Bloomington, IN] [07-Oct-2016 - 09-Oct-2016]
2nd International Conference of the Linguistic Association of Pakistan (ICLAP 2016)  [Lahore] [18-Oct-2016 - 20-Oct-2016]
2nd LITU-CULI International Conference: ELT Unlimited (LITU-CULI 2016)  [Bangkok] [06-Oct-2016 - 07-Oct-2016]
30th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation (PACLIC 30)  [Seoul, South Korea] [28-Oct-2016 - 30-Oct-2016]
3rd Annual Linguistics Conference at the University of Georgia (LCUGA 3)  [Athens, Georgia] [07-Oct-2016 - 09-Oct-2016]
40th Annual Meeting of the Atlantic Provinces Linguistic Association (APLA 40 ALPA)  [Halifax, Nova Scotia] [28-Oct-2016 - 29-Oct-2016]
47th Annual Meeting of North East Linguistic Society (NELS 47)  [Amherst, MA] [14-Oct-2016 - 16-Oct-2016]
4th Conference in General, Nordic and Slavic Linguistics for Graduate and Doctoral Students (GeNSLing 2016)  [Moscow] [12-Oct-2016 - 14-Oct-2016]
5th Asia-Pacific Forum on Translation & Intercultural Studies  [Honolulu, Hawaiʻi] [28-Oct-2016 - 30-Oct-2016]
6th Annual Meeting of the Language and Social Interaction Working Group (LANSI)  [New York City, NY] [07-Oct-2016 - 08-Oct-2016]
Buckeye East Asian Linguistics Forum (BEAL Forum)  [Columbus, OH] [21-Oct-2016 - 21-Oct-2016]
Challenges VII - ELT: Foundations/Versatility (CHVII)  [Usti nad Labem] [20-Oct-2016 - 21-Oct-2016]
Chinese Accents and Accented Chinese (CAAC)  [Shanghai] [13-Oct-2016 - 14-Oct-2016]
Collocations and Discourse Traditions. Intra-linguistic, Cross-linguistic and Translational Approaches  [Barcelona (Barcelona)] [07-Oct-2016 - 07-Oct-2016]
Evaluation and Assessment of Approaches and Practices  [Tunis, Tunisia] [28-Oct-2016 - 29-Oct-2016]
Focus on the Learner: Contributions of Individual Differences to Second Language Learning  [Konin] [17-Oct-2016 - 19-Oct-2016]
GDRI Phonological Theory Agora 2016  [Tours] [14-Oct-2016 - 15-Oct-2016]
Hierarchical Structures in Phonology, Morphology and Syntax  [Tromsø] [27-Oct-2016 - 28-Oct-2016]
IV. Postgraduate Forum "Postcolonial Narrations"  [Munich] [09-Oct-2016 - 11-Oct-2016]
International Conference on Grammatical Inference (ICGI)  [Delft] [05-Oct-2016 - 07-Oct-2016]
Key Words / Słowa klucze / Schlüssel-Wörter  [Warsaw] [20-Oct-2016 - 21-Oct-2016]
Korea TESOL Annual International Conferece: Shaping the Future with 21st Century Skills (KOTESOL IC)  [Seoul] [15-Oct-2016 - 16-Oct-2016]
Language Change in Epic Greek and Other Oral Traditions  [Leiden] [27-Oct-2016 - 29-Oct-2016]
Language Contact from an I-Language Perspective (LCILP)  [Donostia-San Sebastián] [27-Oct-2016 - 28-Oct-2016]
Linguistics Beyond And Within 2016 - International Linguistics Conference in Lublin (LingBaW 2016)  [Lublin] [20-Oct-2016 - 21-Oct-2016]
Multilingual Repertoires and Multilingual Discourse (MRDM)  [Sydney] [26-Oct-2016 - 28-Oct-2016]
New Empirical and Theoretical Perspectives on the Literal/Non-literal Meaning Divide  [University of Stuttgart] [10-Oct-2016 - 11-Oct-2016]
PSUxLing: Penn State Undergraduate Exhibition in Hispanic and General Linguistics  [University Park, PA] [14-Oct-2016 - 14-Oct-2016]
Perception Metaphor Workshop  [Nijmegen] [12-Oct-2016 - 13-Oct-2016]
Questions-answers in Greek Talk-in-interaction  [Thessaloniki] [13-Oct-2016 - 14-Oct-2016]
SETESOL 2016: Racing toward a Brighter Future: Reflecting, Creating, Envisioning (SETESOL 2016)  [Louisville, KY] [26-Oct-2016 - 29-Oct-2016]
Standardization of 'Arabiyya and Amazigh in Comparative Perspective (SAACP)  [Rabat] [05-Oct-2016 - 06-Oct-2016]
T3L (Tradumatics, Translation Technologies and Localisation) on Machine Translation (T3L)  [Bellaterra-Barcelona (Catalonia)] [10-Oct-2016 - 11-Oct-2016]
Typology of Morphosyntactic Parameters 2016 (TMP 2016)  [Moscow] [12-Oct-2016 - 14-Oct-2016]
Various Dimensions of Contrastive Studies 2016 (VDOCS 2016)  [Katowice] [24-Oct-2016 - 25-Oct-2016]
Workshop - The grammar of body-part expressions  [Lima] [27-Oct-2016 - 29-Oct-2016]
XXXII Encontro Nacional da Associação Portuguesa de Linguística (ENAPL 2016)  [Aveiro] [19-Oct-2016 - 21-Oct-2016]

Nov 2016

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114th Annual Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association Conference (PAMLA)  [Pasadena, CA] [11-Nov-2016 - 13-Nov-2016]
11th Forum for Linguistic Sharing  [Lisbon] [24-Nov-2016 - 25-Nov-2016]
12th High Desert Linguistics Conference (HDLS)  [Albuquerque, New Mexico] [12-Nov-2016 - 14-Nov-2016]
13th Conference on Typology and Grammar for Young Scholars  [Saint Petersburg] [24-Nov-2016 - 26-Nov-2016]
23rd Annual University of Texas Arlington Student Conference in Linguistics and TESOL (UTASCILT 23)  [Arlington, TX] [04-Nov-2016 - 04-Nov-2016]
5th Southern African Microlinguistics Workshop (SAMWOP-5)  [Bloemfontein] [23-Nov-2016 - 26-Nov-2016]
6th International Conference on Language And Technology (CLT 16)  [Lahore] [17-Nov-2016 - 18-Nov-2016]
Accommodation in Linguistics  [PAU] [04-Nov-2016 - 04-Nov-2016]
Contrastive Phraseology: Languages and Cultures in Comparison  [Milano] [09-Nov-2016 - 11-Nov-2016]
Discourses on Migration & Mobility  [hammamet] [25-Nov-2016 - 26-Nov-2016]
Expanding the lexicon (ExpLex)  [Trier] [17-Nov-2016 - 18-Nov-2016]
Form and Analysis in Mayan Linguistics 4 (FAMLi 4)  [Valladolid, Yucatán] [17-Nov-2016 - 19-Nov-2016]
Grammar and Corpora 2016 (GaC 2016)  [Mannheim] [09-Nov-2016 - 11-Nov-2016]
Historische Wortbildung. Theorie – Methoden – Perspektiven  [Münster] [25-Nov-2016 - 26-Nov-2016]
ICT for Language Learning Conference, 9th edition (ICT 9th edition)  [Florence] [17-Nov-2016 - 18-Nov-2016]
International Association for Languages and Intercultural Communication 2016 Conference (IALIC 2016)  [Barcelona] [25-Nov-2016 - 27-Nov-2016]
International Conference on Languages of Far East, Southeast Asia and West Africa (LESEWA 2016)  [Moscow] [16-Nov-2016 - 17-Nov-2016]
International Conference on Speech-language Pathology and Audiology  [Montreal, Quebec] [14-Nov-2016 - 15-Nov-2016]
Język - obraz - dyskurs (Language - picture - discourse)  [Bydgoszcz] [17-Nov-2016 - 18-Nov-2016]
La stéréotypie des altérités : clichés, formules, langue de bois, lieux communs  [Limoges] [18-Nov-2016 - 18-Nov-2016]
Language Learning and Research Spaces in the Digital Age (RANACLES)  [Paris] [24-Nov-2016 - 26-Nov-2016]
Morphology in the Montreal-Ottawa–Toronto area Workshop (Mo-MOT)  [Ottawa, ON] [19-Nov-2016 - 20-Nov-2016]
New Fields for Morphology (NFMW)  [Melbourne] [29-Nov-2016 - 30-Nov-2016]
New Paradigms in English Studies: Language, Linguistics, Literature and Culture in Higher Education  [Sofia] [25-Nov-2016 - 27-Nov-2016]
New Ways of Analyzing Variation 45 (NWAV 45)  [Vancouver] [03-Nov-2016 - 06-Nov-2016]
Rencontres d'Automne de Linguistique Formelle: Langage, Langues et Cognition (RALFe 2016)  [Paris] [03-Nov-2016 - 04-Nov-2016]
Romania Nova VIII  [Buenos Aires] [23-Nov-2016 - 25-Nov-2016]
Second International Conference on Translation, Ideology and Gender  [Santander] [03-Nov-2016 - 04-Nov-2016]
Symposium on Multimodal Input and Second Language Learning  [Barcelona] [10-Nov-2016 - 11-Nov-2016]
TESOL Kuwait Third International Conference (Tesol Kuwait)  [Kuwait City] [17-Nov-2016 - 19-Nov-2016]
The Acquisition of Recursion  [Bucharest] [18-Nov-2016 - 18-Nov-2016]
The Syntax-Discourse Interface: Approaches, Phenomena, and Variation  [Barcelona] [10-Nov-2016 - 11-Nov-2016]
Translating Pragmatics in Community (Session of American Pragmatics Association)
Translating and the Computer (TC38)  [London] [17-Nov-2016 - 18-Nov-2016]
Turkish, Turkic and the Languages of Turkey (Tu+ 2)  [Bloomington, Indiana] [19-Nov-2016 - 20-Nov-2016]
Valency and valency change in the Caucasus  [Moscow] [28-Nov-2016 - 30-Nov-2016]
VocUM  [Montréal, Québec] [17-Nov-2016 - 18-Nov-2016]
Workshop on Impersonality and Correlated Phenomena: Diachronic and Synchronic Perspectives  [Salzburg] [10-Nov-2016 - 11-Nov-2016]
XI Workshop on Formal Linguistics (XI WF)  [Universidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR) in Curitiba, Brazil] [09-Nov-2016 - 11-Nov-2016]
XXIII Sociocultural Theory & Second Language Learning Research Working Group Meeting (SCT-SLL)  [Tampa, Florida] [03-Nov-2016 - 05-Nov-2016]
Young Linguists' Meeting in Poznan 2016 (YLMP2016)  [Poznań] [25-Nov-2016 - 27-Nov-2016]

Dec 2016

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11th International Symposium on Teaching English at Tertiary Level (ISTETL-11)  [Hong Kong] [09-Dec-2016 - 10-Dec-2016]
12th European Conference on Formal Description of Slavic Languages (FDSL-12)  [Berlin] [08-Dec-2016 - 10-Dec-2016]
13th International Conference on Natural Language Processing (ICON-2016)  [Varanasi] [16-Dec-2016 - 19-Dec-2016]
16th Australasian International Conference on Speech Science and Technology (SST2016)  [Sydney] [06-Dec-2016 - 09-Dec-2016]
26th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2016)  [Osaka] [11-Dec-2016 - 16-Dec-2016]
      Session: COLING 2016 Tutorials
      Session: COLING2016 Workshops
31st Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop (CGSW31)  [Stellenbosch] [02-Dec-2016 - 03-Dec-2016]
3rd Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics (CLiC-it 2016)  [Napoli] [05-Dec-2016 - 06-Dec-2016]
4th Forum on Applied Linguistics  [Guangzhou, Guangdong] [03-Dec-2016 - 04-Dec-2016]
7th International Conference on Formal Linguistics (ICFL-7)  [Nankai University, Tianjin] [02-Dec-2016 - 04-Dec-2016]
9th Brussels Conference on Generative Linguistics (BCGL 9)  [Brussels] [13-Dec-2016 - 14-Dec-2016]
Accents2016 (Accents2016)  [Lodz] [01-Dec-2016 - 03-Dec-2016]
Applied Linguistics Association of Australia (ALAA) Conference 2016 (ALAA 2016)  [Melbourne, Victoria] [05-Dec-2016 - 07-Dec-2016]
Arabic Linguistics Forum  [York] [12-Dec-2016 - 14-Dec-2016]
Australian Linguistic Society Annual Conference (ALS2016)  [Melbourne, Victoria] [07-Dec-2016 - 09-Dec-2016]
Charles de Foucauld, pluriel Une vie, une œuvre, une postérité  [Paris] [01-Dec-2016 - 02-Dec-2016]
Cognitive Linguistics in Wrocław Web Conference 2016 (CogLingWroc2016)  [Wroclaw] [01-Dec-2016 - 04-Dec-2016]
Constructive/Constructed Journalism (construjou)  [Brussels] [08-Dec-2016 - 09-Dec-2016]
Cultures and Languages in Contact (4iclc2016)  [El Jadida] [14-Dec-2016 - 15-Dec-2016]
Existential Constructions between EXISTENCE and LOCATION  [Tübingen] [01-Dec-2016 - 02-Dec-2016]
Formal and Experimental Semantics and Pragmatics, with a Focus on Slavic Languages  [Berlin] [07-Dec-2016 - 07-Dec-2016]
Going Romance 30 (GR30)  [Frankfurt am Main] [08-Dec-2016 - 10-Dec-2016]
Imagination und Wirkungsmacht: Frauen.Männer.Westen.Osten  [Cluj-Napoca, Cluj] [08-Dec-2016 - 09-Dec-2016]
Information Structure and Discourse in the Minority Languages of the Russian Federation (Session of Language Documentation and Linguistic Theory 5)
Interdisciplinary Views on the English Language, Literature and Culture  [Zielona Gora (Poland)] [01-Dec-2016 - 02-Dec-2016]
Language Colonisation & Endangerment: Long-term Effects, Echoes and Reactions (FEL XX)  [Hyderabad, Telangana] [02-Dec-2016 - 05-Dec-2016]
Language Documentation and Linguistic Theory 5 (LDLT5)  [London] [03-Dec-2016 - 04-Dec-2016]
      Session: Information Structure and Discourse in the Minority Languages of the Russian Federation
      Session: Representing Data for Morphosyntactic Variation
Language, Mind & Society: Semiological Perspectives  [Hong Kong] [02-Dec-2016 - 03-Dec-2016]
Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics (LACL 2016)  [Nancy] [05-Dec-2016 - 07-Dec-2016]
NINJAL International Symposium 2016: Mimetics in Japanese and Other Languages of the World  [Tokyo] [17-Dec-2016 - 18-Dec-2016]
Representing Data for Morphosyntactic Variation (Session of Language Documentation and Linguistic Theory 5)
Situations, Information, and Semantic Content (Situated Content 2016)  [Munich, Bavaria] [16-Dec-2016 - 18-Dec-2016]
The 9th Scientific Conference Speech Research (SR2016)  [Zagreb] [08-Dec-2016 - 10-Dec-2016]
The Negative Existential Cycle from a Historical-Comparative Perspective  [Stockholm] [08-Dec-2016 - 09-Dec-2016]
The Role of Predictability in Shaping Human Language Sound Patterns  [Sydney] [10-Dec-2016 - 11-Dec-2016]
Trends in Language Teaching International Conference (TLT International)  [Okinawa] [17-Dec-2016 - 18-Dec-2016]
Voices of the Future: The Sound of Many Languages and Nations in Partnership (WWFEC)  [Rome] [01-Dec-2016 - 02-Dec-2016]
Workshop on Kiranti Languages  [Paris] [01-Dec-2016 - 02-Dec-2016]

Jan 2017

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5th International Conference of the Association of Young Researchers on Anglophone Studies (ASYRAS 2017 Barcelona)  [Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona] [25-Jan-2017 - 27-Jan-2017]
American Name Society Annual Conference (ANS)  [Austin, Texas] [05-Jan-2017 - 08-Jan-2017]
FASP and Beyond: Fictional and Non-fictional Narratives Related to Professional Communities and Specialized Groups (FASP2017)  [Grenoble] [26-Jan-2017 - 27-Jan-2017]
Interactional Competences and Practices in a Second Language (ICOP-L2)  [Neuchâtel] [18-Jan-2017 - 20-Jan-2017]
International Workshop: Dative Structures and Beyond  [Barcelona (Catalonia)] [26-Jan-2017 - 27-Jan-2017]
Le Cours de Linguistique Générale. 1916-2016. L'Emergence (CLG2016)  [Geneva] [09-Jan-2017 - 14-Jan-2017]
      Session: Traductions du COLG
The 15th Workshop on Treebanks and Linguistic Theories (TLT 15) (TLT15)  [Bloomington, IN] [20-Jan-2017 - 21-Jan-2017]
The 25th Conference of the Student Organisation of Linguistics in Europe (ConSOLE 25)  [Leipzig] [04-Jan-2017 - 06-Jan-2017]
Traductions du COLG (Session of Le Cours de Linguistique Générale. 1916-2016. L'Emergence)
Workshop on the Languages of Papua 4 (WLP4)  [Manokwari, West Papua] [23-Jan-2017 - 26-Jan-2017]

Feb 2017

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3rd National Conference on Current Issues of English Language Teaching and Learning (3rd National Conference on Cur)  [Ahwaz/Kouzestan] [02-Feb-2017 - 03-Feb-2017]
4th National Symposium on Spanish as a Heritage Language  [Irvine, California] [16-Feb-2017 - 18-Feb-2017]
5th International Symposium on History of English Lexicography and Lexicology (HEL-LEX5)  [Zurich] [16-Feb-2017 - 18-Feb-2017]
GLOW in Asia XI  [Singapore] [20-Feb-2017 - 22-Feb-2017]
Retranslation in Context III (RiC 3)  [Gent] [07-Feb-2017 - 08-Feb-2017]
The International Conference on Current Issues of Languages, Dialects and Linguistics  [Ahwaz/Kouzestan] [02-Feb-2017 - 03-Feb-2017]
Variation in Language Acquisition 3 (ViLA 3)  [Salzburg] [08-Feb-2017 - 10-Feb-2017]
XVII Conference of Italian Assoc. of Applied Linguistics - Using Second Languages (AItLA 2017)  [Naples - Santa Maria Capua Vetere] [23-Feb-2017 - 25-Feb-2017]

Mar 2017

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27th FILLM International Congress  [New Delhi] [15-Mar-2017 - 17-Mar-2017]
5th International Conference on Language Documentation & Conservation (5th ICLDC)  [Honolulu, Hawai'i] [02-Mar-2017 - 05-Mar-2017]
Encoding Language and Linguistic Information in Historical Corpora (Session of 39th Annual Meeting of the DGfS (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft))
Metadiscourse Across Genres: Mapping out interactions in spoken and written discourse (MAG 2017)  [Cappadocia] [30-Mar-2017 - 01-Apr-2017]
Morphological Variation – Theory and Empirical Evidence (Session of 39th Annual Meeting of the DGfS (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft))
Non-Canonical Verb Positioning in Main Clauses (Session of 39th Annual Meeting of the DGfS (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft))
Phonic Variation in Contemporary Spanish: First, Second (Session of XXI Congreso de la Asociación Alemana de Hispanistas - 21. Deutscher Hispanistentag)
Secondary Information and Linguistic Encoding (Session of 39th Annual Meeting of the DGfS (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft))
The Second Asia Pacific Virtual Exchange Association Conference (APVEA)  [Princeton University] [25-Mar-2017 - 26-Mar-2017]

Apr 2017

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14th Generative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition Conference (GASLA 14)  [Southampton] [06-Apr-2017 - 09-Apr-2017]
19th International Colloquium on Latin Linguistics (ICLL 2017)  [Munich] [24-Apr-2017 - 28-Apr-2017]
Bogazici University School of Foreign Languages Towards Higher Education Conference (THE Conference)  [Istanbul] [14-Apr-2017 - 15-Apr-2017]
LSP Teaching and Specialized Translation Skills Training at Higher Education Institutions (LSP & STST)  [Moscow] [12-Apr-2017 - 14-Apr-2017]
Lavender Languages and Linguistics 24 (LavLang24)  [Nottingham] [28-Apr-2017 - 30-Apr-2017]
Thinking, Doing, Learning 3 (TDL 3)  [Munich] [19-Apr-2017 - 21-Apr-2017]
Workshop on Speech Perception and Production across the Lifespan (SPPL 2017)  [London] [26-Apr-2017 - 27-Apr-2017]

May 2017

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10th International Conference on Middle English (ICOME 10)  [Stavanger] [31-May-2017 - 02-Jun-2017]
6th International Conference on the San-Antonio Series (ICSA)  [Craiova, Dolj] [25-May-2017 - 26-May-2017]
Abstraction, Diversity, and Speech Dynamics  [Ammersee near Munich] [03-May-2017 - 05-May-2017]
Control y escaladas de tensión políticas en los países de lengua románica: Política y cont (CyE)  [Heidelberg] [10-May-2017 - 12-May-2017]
III Международная конференция Язык и метод. Русский язык в лингвистических исследованиях..  [Krakow] [17-May-2017 - 19-May-2017]
Intersubjectivity in Action  [Helsinki] [11-May-2017 - 13-May-2017]
MultiMeDialecTranslation 7 – Dialect Translation in Multimedia (MMDT7)  [Odense] [17-May-2017 - 20-May-2017]
Speech Audio Archives: Preservation, Restoration, Annotation  [Rome] [18-May-2017 - 19-May-2017]
Translating Creolization Symposium 2 (TCS2)  [St. Michael] [18-May-2017 - 19-May-2017]
Workshop on Multilingual Language Acquisition, Processing and Use (L3Workshop)  [Poznan] [06-May-2017 - 07-May-2017]

Jun 2017

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11th International Symposium on Bilingualism (ISB11)  [Univeristy of Limerick, Limerick] [11-Jun-2017 - 15-Jun-2017]
International Conference on Language Variation in Europe (ICLaVE 9)  [Málaga] [06-Jun-2017 - 09-Jun-2017]
The 11th International Workshop on Theoretical East Asian Linguistics (TEAL-11) (TEAL-11)  [Taipei] [03-Jun-2017 - 04-Jun-2017]

Jul 2017

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14th International Congress for the Study of Child Language (IASCL2017)  [LYON] [17-Jul-2017 - 21-Jul-2017]
15th International Pragmatics Conference (IPrA2017)  [Belfast, Northern Ireland] [16-Jul-2017 - 21-Jul-2017]
      Session: Activities in Interaction
International Conference on Historical Linguistics 23 (ICHL23)  [San Antonio, Texas] [31-Jul-2017 - 04-Aug-2017]
      Session: New Historical Perspectives on Non-Dominant Speakers as Agents of Contact-Induced Language Change
New Historical Perspectives on Non-Dominant Speakers as Agents of Contact-Induced Language Change (Session of International Conference on Historical Linguistics 23)

Aug 2017

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14th Internation Conference on the History of The Language Sciences (ICHoLSXiV)  [Paris] [28-Aug-2017 - 01-Sep-2017]

Nov 2017

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The Sociolinguistics of Urban Language Life (GloSoc II)  [Venice] [15-Nov-2017 - 17-Nov-2017]