Kartoffelpuffer/Potato Pancakes

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Andreas Wesch (University of Cologne)

Story behind this recipe

This recipe is not for a diet as you might have guessed... And your kitchen and even the whole house smells for some days because of the frying. But in spite of all the inconvenients, I MUST have my potato pancakes sometimes. By the way, Germans love them from the north to the south of the country, but the names of the potato pancakes - let's not forget the linguistic aspect! - are very different. In Berlin we call them Kartoffelpuffer, here in Cologne they call them Reibekuchen (Rievkooche in dialect), in Bavaria their name is Reiberdatschi.

We eat the potato pancakes with apple purée, but along the Rhine and in Westfalia it is common to have some black bread (and butter) and coffee together with the pancakes.

The caraway is optional. I like it very much, others don't. Anyway, it makes the pancakes easier to digest.


2 lb potatoes
2 onions
1/2 lb yoghurt
2 eggs
Salt, pepper, caraway

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Cooking Instructions

Peel the (raw!) potatoes and rub them. Separate the dry mass from the "juice" (you can use the "juice" for the stock of a vegetable soup if you don't want to pour it away). The batter must not be too liquid. Chop the onions and add them, together with the eggs and the yoghurt, to the rubbed potatoes. Season with salt, a little bit of pepper and, optionally, with caraway.

Make portions of about two tablespoons of the batter and fry them in oil just as any other kind of pancake. You'll get the best size for the potato pancakes frying three of them at the same time in the pan, i.e. they should be small.