Southwest Chicken

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Tim Beasley

Story behind this recipe

This is a re-creation of a dish served by the catering department of the Associated Students UCLA in 1997-8.


4 boneless chicken breasts
3-4 tbsp oil for frying (optional)
1 egg + 1/4 cup milk
1 cup (or less) breadcrumbs
4 oz smoked gouda (at least)
Canned green (mild) chile strips
Cook's string
Green enchilada sauce (red works, too)

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Cooking Instructions

Wash/clean the chicken breasts, keeping them as intact as possible.
Slice into the chicken so as to create a pocket; the bigger the better.
Portion the chile out and place some in each chicken pocket.
Slice the gouda into strips; distribute evenly among the pockets. The cheese should be on top of the chile. Seal the pockets with a bit of the egg/milk mixture and tie them closed with the string. Dip into the egg/milk mixture and then coat with bread crumbs. Fry until the chicken is done; a deep golden brown is usually more than enough frying.
Serve in a puddle of enchilada sauce.
The amount of cheese and chile depends on your personal taste; the choice of red or green enchilada sauce is also personal.
The chicken can also be baked (but spray it with a bit of oil first).
And, in a pinch, you can bread the chicken without making pockets first, bake it, and a few minues before the chicken is done put the green chile and gouda on top (not as tasty, but fast).