Turkey Hen in White Wine Sauce with Mushrooms

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D. Lauer

Story behind this recipe

Our sunday dinner.


400 gr. Turkey hen
1 Average-sized onion
200 ml. Cream
400 gr. White mushrooms

1/2 litre Vegetable stock (granulated will do)
Some Sunflower oil
200 ml. Dry white wine
Pepper, Salt
500 gr. Rice

Cooking time

25 minutes

Serving size


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Cooking Instructions

First: Prepare the rice. Put rice into a decently sized pot. Use cups to measure the rice. Add two cups of water per cup of rice. Do not boil the rice, just use low heat. The rice will be done when there is (almost) no water left in the pot.

Then: Dice the onion and cut turkey meat as well as the mushrooms into palatable strips. While you are doing this, you might heat your pan and add some sunflower oil (instead you can also use butter if you like). Add the onion and fry until it looks more or less transparent. Then add the turkey strips and fry for about three to five minutes. Do not forget to stir every now and then.

Now add the mushrooms and some pepper (black pepper looks nice and tastes fine) fry for another minute, before you add the stock. Wait until you see vapour rising from your pan. Pour the cream into a bowl and add some of the stock to heat up the cream slowly. (actually, a split infinitive might have been in order...) Add the warm cream to the pan, stir gently, and heat until it is boiling. Reduce heat and add the white wine. I personally recommend a white Bordeaux (Entre deux mers) or a white Riesling (Alsace). However, make sure it is a dry white wine.

Heat for another five minutes or so. The rice should be done by now.

This meal is best accompanied by the wine you used to cook. You can also have a lager or a bitter.