Chestnut Mousse

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Elena Caprari

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It's a time-consuming recipe, but it's a highly rewarding one; furthermore, its preparation can be split into a couple of days.


1 lb chestnuts
3-4 oz (3 and one half or 4 tbsp) sugar
1 pint milk
1/2 a lemon or more, finely grated lemon peel
Few pinches (according to taste) pure vanilla
[1 pinch anice seeds (they are optional)]
1-2 tbsp liqueur: Grand Marnier, Drambuie, Italian Marsala Wine, etc.
3-4 oz whipped cream
About 1/2 tsp coarsely grated chocolate, pure, dark

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Cooking Instructions

Boil the chestnuts in water for at least one hour, after thoroughly rinsing them out in water. Let them cool down; naturally, no fridge! Sit down and relax before starting to take the peel off of them with a sharp knife. With your hands break each peeled chestnut into 2-3 lumps (one after the other!). Put them in a large pot and add the : sugar - milk - grated lemon peel - vanilla - (anice seeds).
At this stage, you can refrigerate it over night and continue the following day!) Let the whole lot boil slowly until the milk has almost completely evaporated (no visible liquid); the resulting mixture should be quite soft. After cooling down, (naturally! always!) mince it, but not too finely, with an immersion mincer (is this its name in English?). Add the following ingredients; whipped cream - coarsely grated dark chocolate - liqueur. Keep it in the fridge, for a few hours at least, and serve it cool. You can decorate each helping portion with a little whipped cream, syrup (cherries, etc.) to taste, long soft biscuits, etc., but not necessarily.