Slivkove Gule [Slivkove Knedle]/Plum [or Apricot] Dumplings

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Prof. Elena Bertoncini Zubkova (Istituto Universitario Orientale)

Story behind this recipe

[For the story behind this recipe please go to the recipe 'Citronova Torta/Lemon Cake']


600 g potatoes
200 g flour
1 egg
600 g small ripe plums or apricots
200 g cottage cheese
80 g butter
80 g sugar powder
50 g 'normal' sugar

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Cooking Instructions

A characteristics of Slovak (and Czech) cuisine are sweet dishes, eaten as the main course after a soup. Here is the recipe of one of them.

Cook potatoes with their skin, then peel them, crush, add an egg, the flour and a bit of salt. Prepare a dough (paste?), lay it out with a rolling-pin on a board(?), sprinkle with flour and cut in small squares. Wash and stone the plums or apricots and put inside some sugar. Wrap every piece of fruit in a paste square; the paste should be thin without tearing. Cook the dumplings in abundant salt water (ca. 5 min); they are ready when floating on the surface. Serve covered with cottage cheese, sugar, melted butter and, optionally, sour cream.
Instead of the cottage cheese and cream you may cover the dumplings with breadcrumbs fried in butter.

Dobro chut! (Bon appetit!)