Fried Eggs (XaViTaH)

Submitted by

Izzy Cohen


- 2 teaspoons of cooking oil (olive oil or canola oil), margarine, or butter

- 1 or 2 eggs per person

- Salt and pepper, as desired

Measuring units


Cooking Instructions

Eggs are often eaten as part of the morning meal. Fried eggs (XaViTaH) are usually served with orange juice, toast, a beverage (coffee, tea or milk), and either hash-brown potatoes, French fries, or grits (in the southern United States).

Required Equipment:

- A small (25 cm) skillet or frying pan (MaXVaT)

- A spatula

- Gas or electric stove

1. Carefully crack open the eggs into a cup or glass.
- Caution: If an egg says anything to you, do not break it. If you do, all of the king’s horses and all of the king’s men couldn’t put it back together again.

2. Examine the eggs to determine that they are fresh, not discolored, and not fertilized.
- We recommend cracking the eggs by knocking them against the edge of the cup or glass approximately half-way between the small end and the big end. In A Voyage to Lilliput, Jonathan Swift describes how a controversy about whether to break eggs at the wide end or the narrow end led to a series of civil wars.

3. Place the margarine, butter, or cooking oil in the frying pan.

4. Heat until a drop of water would sizzle if dropped into the pan, and then gently pour the eggs into the pan.

5. Allow the eggs to fry until the yolk begins to harden.

6. Using the spatula, carefully flip the eggs over and allow them to cook for one more minute.
- Eggs should be sufficiently cooked to avoid the possibility of Salmonella enteritidis poisoning.

7. Transfer the eggs from the frying pan to a plate, using the spatula if necessary

8. Serve while hot.

Additional Information:

- Most people prefer that the yolk of their fried egg not be broken. The yolk is less likely to break if the egg is fresh.

- To make Sunnyside Up eggs, do not flip the eggs. Cook over a lower heat and place a lid on the frying pan while the eggs are cooking.

- For variety, you can sprinkle grated cheese or salad greens over the eggs after they are cooked.

English – Alien-speak Glossary:

- Canola Oil: Oil extracted from the rape seed, a member of the mustard (XaRDaL) family.

- French Fries: Potatoes that have been sliced and deep-fried. They are usually called ChiPS in Alien-speak.

- Grits: Grits are made by milling corn kernels. The large granules are grits. The smaller ones become cornmeal and corn flour (KeMaX-TiRaS).

- Hash-Brown Potatoes: TaPuXiM are made with grated potatoes, minced onion, and an egg.

- Margarine: Margarine was originally produced using margaric acid, a combination of stearic and palmitic acids that has a pearly appearance. Margaric is derived from Greek margarit which means pearl. Compare Alien-speak MaRGaLiT.

- Sizzle: To make a sound like food cooking in hot fat.

- Skillet: A shallow frying pan. Compare Alien-speak TSaLaXaT, with loss of the X = het-sound.

- Spatula: A hand-held tool (MaRiT) used for lifting, flipping, or spreading. The flexible blade of the spatula is usually made of plastic or metal and usually wide and thin. A spatula is especially needed when frying foods that need to be flipped. The blade of a cooking spatula may be slotted to allow liquids to flow through.

- Yolk: The yellow part of the egg.