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Dominique Estival (University of Melbourne)

Story behind this recipe

Original recipe in French, translation in English.

Will make a VERY heavy, dense, chocolate cake, which will have a harder rim around a soft gooey center. It often doesn't come out looking very good, because the crust will crack and sometimes it's not possible to take it out of the baking pan (use a square loaf pan). But it has been my family's favorite cake ever since we got this recipe from another chocoholic family, and no birthday would be complete without it. Some linguists who helped me celebrate my birthday when I was a graduate student at U.Penn might remember it.


250 g du beurre
250 g de la farine
250 g du sucre
250 g du chocolat (a cuire)
4 oeufs

250 g butter
250 g flour
250 g sugar
250 g chocolate (unsweetened dark baking chocolate)
4 eggs

Cooking time

30 min

Serving size


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Cooking Instructions

Faire fondre le chocolat et le beurre. Mélanger le sucre et les oeufs avec la farine. Ajuster le melange (n'ajouter de lait que si c'est trop epais). Cuisson: environ 30 mn.

Melt the chocolate with the butter. Mix the sugar and the eggs with the flour. Combine the two mixtures (only add milk if it's too thick). Baking time: about 30 min (pre-heat the oven to 'high' and bake on 'medium').