Cafe Madeleine

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Magdalena Zoeppritz

Story behind this recipe

As someone may have pointed out already, Buwei Yang Chao: How to Cook and Eat in Chinese. London: Faber and Faber 1956, 1968 (2nd ed, paperback, the one I have), Mrs Chao, herself a medical doctor, is/was the wife of famous linguist Yuen Ren Chao, who contributed Recipe 13.1 "Stirred eggs". The cookbook is (apart from being very good) a linguists delight because of the ongoing conversation between. Mrs Chao, Mr. Chao and their daughter Rulan. The recipe should be reprinted in its exact wording, if Faber and Faber allows, for its fun and linguistic interest. If you don't have easy access to the book, tell me, I'll then make a copy to fax (my fax doesn't read books).
I thought I invented this recipe but I heard is around under another name which I have forgotten. It's a dessert (for those who don't want desert, want coffee, want some alcohol with it, but also want something sweet).


1/2 l hot coffee
1/2 1 hot chocolate made from:
- 100 g good dark chocolate melted with a little water
- 1/2 1 milk stirred in and heated
4 shots of coffee liqueur - a shot (or less depending on taste) per serving

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Cooking Instructions

Pour a little liqueur (1-2 tbsp) into a cup, add coffee and chocolate half and half, people can add liqueur to taste. Can be done without coffee, with instant coffee and more hot chocolate, but then its not quite as good.