Talking about Fondue in Oil or Broth

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Magdalena Zoeppritz

Story behind this recipe

As someone may have pointed out already, Buwei Yang Chao: How to Cook and Eat in Chinese. London: Faber and Faber 1956, 1968 (2nd ed, paperback, the one I have), Mrs Chao, herself a medical doctor, is/was the wife of famous linguist Yuen Ren Chao, who contributed Recipe 13.1 "Stirred eggs". The cookbook is (apart from being very good) a linguists delight because of the ongoing conversation between.Mrs Chao, Mr. Chao and their daughter Rulan. The recipe should be reprinted in its exact wording, if Faber and Faber allows, for its fun and linguistic interest. If you dont have easy access to the book, tell me, I'll then make a copy to fax (my fax doesnt read books).
This is an adapted recipe.


Honey and horse radish sauce:
1/2 cup honey (I like wood or chestnut best)
1/4 cup freshly ground horseradish

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Cooking Instructions

Mix well, add honey or horseradish depending on how strong you want it and whether there is a mild sauce to balance things for your diners. Goes best with beef, but also goes as a spread on black bread (good in winter to prevent colds, thats how I learned about mixing honey and horseradish).