Easy Salmon with Clams

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Story behind this recipe

A must: a non-stick frying pan with a lid.
Dish philosophy: This dish is designed for the flavor of clams (the better their quality, the better the dish) to complement the taste of salmon. It is also designed to have some green. So, the Spice Rule is:
Spice -> {Garlic + GreenOnion +(Parsley)} {White Onion + Parsley}
The Liquid Ingredient Rule is:
Liquid -> Oil + WhiteWine + (Lemon)
Salmon should turn out juicy, and in between sauteed and steamed.


1 to 1 1/2 slices (never fillets) of fresh salmon per person
1 handful of small clams per person
Minced green onion (much preferred), to taste. If not available, minced regular onion (not too much)
Pressed garlic (preferred) or minced garlic, to taste
Minced parsley (optional, but if you use regular onion, parsley is a must)
A little olive oil (nope, sorry, butter is not allowed )
A little white wine (doesn't need to be excellent)
A squirt of lemon

Cooking time

30 min

Serving size


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Cooking Instructions

Procedure: Wash clams and leave them in cold water with salt overnight (preferred), so that they release any sand they may have. If this is not possible, at least leave them in cold water while you prepare the dish.
Wash and salt salmon *slightly* (clams are salty). Sprinkle pressed garlic over salmon.
Heat a little olive oil in frying pan (medium fire) to saute fish: oil should cover the bottom of frying pan, plus a little more for extra taste.
Place salmon on frying pan, sprinkle minced onion, saute salmon lightly on one side (1-2 min). Repeat procedure with the other side. Do not let salmon stick: shake frying pan occassionallv.
Add a little white wine and a squirt of lemon, add rinsed clams, and cover with lid. Let cook/steam at *low fire* until clams open totally and release juices (15-20 min).
Serve with juices, of course. You're allowed and encouraged to dip bread.