Salsa Borracha Para Carnes Asadas

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R.M. Chandler-Burns


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90 min

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Cooking Instructions

This is the most common condiment used by people in the north of Mexico in their backyard bar-b-cues.
Take a head count. Now, let's suppose the people at your party all are consenting adults and not a bit squeamish about chili sauces.
One large Bermuda onion for every two adult individuals. Do not chop. Cut into relatively large pieces (1/16-1/32) One large tomato for every two adult individuals. Cut into relatively large pieces as you have done with the onions. Six medium-sized green chili peppers per person, chopped but not too finely chopped (serrano or jalapeno). Do not use aji, (or dried chilli pepper). 200 milliliters of cooking oil or bacon grease (if cholestrol is no problem).
Preparation and cooking time about 90 minutes.
Light charcoal brickettes, then place a very large skillet on grill (large earthenware bowl will work, too). When skillet is warm, pour in the oil bringing up temperature as coals become hotter. When oil is very hot, place the chopped green chili peppers into the skillet. Do not let burn, turning them every few seconds. When the chili peppers are almost brown, add the onions.
When onions have come apart, add tomatoes. When tomatoes have fallen apart the sauce will begin to thicken. At this moment a bottle or can of Mexican beer should be used to keep the sauce from thickening too much. Several bottles of Mexican beer may be needed to keep the sauce from thickening and drying up while on the grill.
Dip the pieces of meat in the sauce before putting on the grill. The sauce will keep in the juice of the meat while it is being grilled.
After taking meat off the grill, marinate the meat with more sauce according to your degree of tolerance for this hot sauce. Meat may be placed in a tortilla or eaten on a plate depending on the absence of presence of bone.respectively.
If, by any chance, any "salsa borracha" is left over use it for breakfast, reheating, and then adding strips of jack cheese. Dish is done when cheese has melted.
It is said it originated in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico.