Romei Tofu

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Mark Donohue (University of Sydney)

Story behind this recipe

The recipe comes from the time Melissa Crowther and I reached Romei at the end of a 5-week stint in the far western Torricelli mountains in Papua New Guinea. We'd been walking about 6 hours a day, surveying the languages around Kabori, and were exhausted, muddy, bleeding variously, and just about out of food.
We reached Romei in the late afternoon, and after doing the survey material for Romei, the northernmost One-speaking village (by candlelight, as it was night by now), we realised that we had finished! After embracing, we set off to cook a celebratory meal. We had rice, some (well, a lot of) lentils, and made Romei Tofu.
Variations to the recipe: you can add some chopped-up sundried tomatoes, to the frying onions; a clove of diced garlic; or try it with white pepper. It tastes good back home, but not quite as good as when you've just been up in the mountains living off leaves and sago for a month.


1 large onion
4-5 large tomatoes
Tofu (either one pack of dried, or about 300 g firm)
Black pepper

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Cooking Instructions

If you're using dried tofu, start off with breaking it into pieces and soaking it.
Slice and dice the onion, and start frying in oil. Slice the tomatoes lengthways into about eight segments each, and set aside, add pepper to the onions, add the tofu, add the tomatoes, and season with salt to taste. The end.
It's pretty tasty.