Just Rice!

Submitted by

Andrey Yevsyukov (Ryazan Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

Story behind this recipe

Best cooked rice you might have ever tasted, although so simple! Just do not 'monitor' the process, i.e. do not open the cover until ready - rely on your timing. Priyatnogo appetita!


Equal volumes of rice and boiling water
Cast iron pan with thick walls
A watch or clock

Cooking time

20 min

Serving size


Measuring units


Cooking Instructions

Take a glass of rice, put in in a hot thick-walled cast iron pan, add a glass of boiling water and cover immediately. Cook 1 min at maximum fire, 2 min at medium and 7 min at minimum. Put out the fire and let the rice rest for 10 min on the stove without taking the cover off. Serve at once adding soy sauce.