Liver with Apple Rings and Mash

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Veronika Koller

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Recipes is a text type I'm as yet unfamiliar with in English, so please bear with any oddities I may have produced!


400 g liver
1 apple
1 onion
400 g potatoes
Salt, black pepper, turmeric, nutmeg
250-300 ml milk
100 ml beef broth and/or red wine

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Cooking Instructions

Peel potatoes and boil well (20-25 minutes). Mash potatoes, adding milk, salt and nutmeg. Keep warm (but do not let burn!)
Wash liver and wipe dry, add salt, pepper and turmeric.
Peel apple and onion, remove core and slice into rings.
Fry liver in melted butter from both sides at high temperature, add apple and onion rings. Add beef broth and/or red wine, turn down heat, put lid on pan and let stew until liver is medium or well done (according to preference). Alternatively, apple and onion rings can also be fried separately later.
Serve with mash, putting a little butter and nutmeg on top of mash.