Escalopes with Pepper Cheese for Busy Philologists

Submitted by

Andreas Wesch (University of Cologne)

Story behind this recipe

This dish only takes 15-20 minutes (maximum) of work and it's really delicious. As I said, the best side-dish are some baked potatoes or just French baguette (which means even less work). All of my friends liked it, at least, they said so ;-)
It's ideal for boasting, because it looks good, tastes great and is so easy and fast...


4 escalopes (pork or turkey), or 8 very small ones
1 French pepper cheese (e.g. Boursin au poivre)
1 French cheese without pepper (e.g. Boursin light)
2 gills of dry white wine
1 clove of garlic
Worcestershire sauce

Cooking time

20 min

Serving size


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Cooking Instructions

Cut the garlic in two parts and wipe out a sauce pan with it. Then pour the wine into the sauce pan and heat it up. Put the cheese in small pieces into the hot wine and stir constantly until you have a homogeneous sauce. Add some drops of Worcestershire sauce. If the sauce is too liquid, add some more cheese, if it is not liquid enough, some more wine or water.
Meanwhile, fry the escalopes in a little bit of good oil and salt them sparingly. Arrange them in a dish and pour the sauce over them.
I normally serve the escalopes with baked potatoes or just with French white bread (but I think rice or noodles would also do it very well) and a fine mixed salad.
Drink: white wine.