Post-Creole Continuum Roll

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1 Acrolet
1 Basilect
1 square clothe
1 Implicational Scale (large size)
2 kg of Assorted Variants
5-10 Spelling Systems (to taste)
Leftover chicken broth

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Cooking Instructions

Amass the Acrolect and the Basilect separately and shape them as two equal-sized elongated rectangular pieces.
Carefully spread the Acrolect lenghtwise on upper region of the clothe. Do likewise with the Basilect, on the bottom of the clothe.
Take the Implicational Scale and gradually use the grid to thin the Acrolet and spread it downwards. Simultaneously spread the Basilect upwards until it lightly touches the Acrolect.
Fix the edges of contact with chicken broth and smooth the surface of the resulting paste. Do not leave fingerprints.
Sprinkle the Assorted Variants unevenly on the mass. DO NOT PRESS, they'll settle spontaneously.
Place the Implicational Scale grid over the mass, mark lines lightly and remove the grid (doesn't cook well).
Let the mass cool down and then nativize it for one generation or two at slow fire. If you're still alive by then, take the 5-10 Spelling Systems, throw them in the garbage, roll the Continuum and eat it raw with bologna. Burping ensues.