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26.5272 Calls: General Linguistics/Greece Alexandros Tantos
26.5271 Diss: English, French, Cog Sci, Discourse Analysis, Semantics, Socioling, Syntax: Remi Digonnet: 'Approches cognitives de la métaphore dans le domaine de l'olfaction' Remi Digonnet
26.5270 FYI: Ateliers / Workshops AFLS Damien Gaucher
26.5269 Confs: French, Applied Ling/Puerto Rico Patrick-André Mather
26.5268 Confs: Portuguese, Applied Ling/Brazil Telma Gimenez
26.5267 Internships: Ethnic Technologies Lisa Radding
26.5266 Internships: Yale University Claire Bowern
26.5265 Books: Romani Studies: Contemporary Trends: Kyuchukov, Kwadrans, Fizik, Hancock (eds.) Ulrich Lueders
26.5264 Books: Grammaire Comparée des dialectes de la famille guaicurú (Abipone, Mocovi, Toba, Mbaya): Adam Ulrich Lueders
26.5263 Books: Singing, Speaking and Writing Politics: Dedaić (ed.) Karin Plijnaar
26.5262 Books: The Acquisition of the Present: Ayoun (ed.) Karin Plijnaar
26.5261 Books: Scrutinizing Argumentation in Practice: Eemeren, Garssen (eds.) Karin Plijnaar
26.5260 Books: A grammar of Yakkha: Schackow Sebastian Nordhoff
26.5259 Jobs: English; General Linguistics: Full Professor, University of Agder
26.5258 Jobs: Applied Linguistics; Language Acquisition; Phonetics; Phonology: Post Doc, University of British Columbia
26.5257 TOC: Anthropological Linguistics 56/3/4 (2014) Joyce Gettman
26.5256 Calls: Spanish; General Linguistics/ Diálogo de la Lengua (Jrnl) César Gutiérrez
26.5255 Qs: Native speakers of Japanese needed Amy Lebkuecher
26.5254 Calls: Cognitive Sci, Discourse Analysis, Semantics, Socioling, Syntax/France Remi Digonnet
26.5253 Calls: Ladino, Ling & Literature/USA Payton Phillips Quintanilla
26.5252 Books: The Power of Satire: Meijer Drees, de Leeuw (eds.) Karin Plijnaar
26.5251 Books: Trilingual Language Acquisition: Chevalier Karin Plijnaar
26.5250 Books: Persuasive Games in Political and Professional Dialogue: Săftoiu, Neagu, Măda (eds.) Karin Plijnaar
26.5249 Books: Major versus Minor? – Languages and Literatures in a Globalized World: D’haen, Goerlandt, Sell (eds.) Karin Plijnaar
26.5248 Books: Historical Linguistics 2013: Haug, Kristjánsson (eds.) Karin Plijnaar
26.5247 Books: Quo vadis, Kommunikation? Kommunikation – Sprache – Medien / Quo vadis, Communication? Communication – Language – Media: Creţu (ed.) Simon Reber
26.5246 Diss: Discourse Analysis, Socioling: Laura E. West: 'Responding (or not) on Facebook: A Sociolinguistic Study of Liking, Commenting, and Other Reactions to Posts' Laura West
26.5245 Diss: Discourse Analysis: Franco Zappettini: 'The Discursive Construction of Europeanness: A Transnational Perspective' Franco Zappettini
26.5244 Confs: Computational Ling/USA Anna Feldman
26.5243 Diss: English, French, Cog Sci, Computational Ling, Psycholing: Nicolas Léwy: 'Computational psycholinguistics and spoken word recognition in the bilingual and the monolingual' Nicolas Léwy
26.5242 Confs: Chinese, English, Applied Ling, Lang Acq, Text/Corpus Ling/USA M. Rafael Salaberry
26.5241 Confs: Syntax/Colombia Pilar Valenzuela
26.5240 Confs: Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics, Semantics, Syntax, Text/Corpus Ling/France Richard Faure
26.5239 Calls: Ling Theories, Morphology, Semantics, Syntax/Poland Doug Arnold
26.5238 Calls: French, General Ling/France LINDA HRIBA
26.5237 Calls: Cog Sci, Phonetics, Phonology, Psycholing/USA Christian DiCanio
26.5236 Calls: Arabic, Lang Acq/USA Mohammad Alhawary
26.5235 Calls: Computational Ling/USA Tommaso Fornaciari
26.5234 Calls: Translation/Canada Eric Poirier
26.5233 Calls: English; Applied Linguistics; Language Acquisition/ Journal of Teaching English for Specific and Academic Purposes (Jrnl) Nadezda Stojkovic
26.5232 Calls: English; Applied Linguistics; General Linguistics/ Journal of Teaching English for Specific and Academic Purposes (Jrnl) Nadezda Stojkovic
26.5231 Calls: General Linguistics/ Linguistics Unlimited (Jrnl) Thomas Doukas
26.5230 Calls: Applied Linguistics/ Studies in Applied Linguistics (Jrnl) Jakub Jehlicka
26.5229 Jobs: General Linguistics: North Hall Endowed Chair in the Linguistics of African America, University of California, Santa Barbara
26.5228 Support: General Linguistics / United Kingdom Raffaella Folli
26.5227 TOC: International Journal of Multilingualism 12/4 (2015) Giana Georgi
26.5226 Calls: Computational Ling/USA Sandra Kuebler
26.5225 Calls: Mandarin, English, Applied Ling, Lang Acq, Text/Corpus Ling/USA M. Rafael Salaberry
26.5224 Calls: Pragmatics/Spain MANUEL PADILLA CRUZ
26.5223 Calls: Applied Ling/Ireland Mari Carmen Campoy-Cubillo

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