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26.2231 Jobs: General Linguistics: Post Doc, University of Konstanz
26.2232 Our Roots: Visiting Westerly, Rhode Island, USA with LL Editor Ashley Parker LINGUIST List
26.2199 Ling & Literature: Call for Poems! LINGUIST List
26.2200 TOC: Language in Society 44/2 (2015) Katie Laker
26.2201 Calls: Anthropological Linguistics; Sociolinguistics/ Lengua y Migración (Jrnl) Francisco Moreno-Fernández
26.2202 Calls: Applied Linguistics/ Ibérica (Jrnl) Concepción Orna-Montesinos
26.2203 FYI: Release of Autodesk Post-Editing Data Corpus Ventsislav Zhechev
26.2204 Books: Junktion in der Attribution [Junction in Attribution]: Hennig, Niemann (eds.) Linda Steglich
26.2205 Books: Sequences in Language and Text: Mikros, Macutek (eds.) Linda Steglich
26.2206 Books: Signs, Meaning and Experience: Pablé, Hutton Linda Steglich
26.2207 Books: Englischunterricht auf der Primarstufe: Kötter, Rymarczyk (eds.) Simon Reber
26.2208 Books: Die Sprache und ihre Wissenschaft zwischen Tradition und Innovation / Language and its Study between Tradition and Innovation: Tóth (ed.) Simon Reber
26.2209 Calls: Discourse Analysis/UK Michael Kranert
26.2210 Calls: Philosophy of Language, Pragmatics, Semantics/UK Jumbly Grindrod
26.2211 Calls: Philosophy of Language, Pragmatics, Semantics/China Jumbly Grindrod
26.2212 Calls: Phonology, Sociolinguistics/Ireland Stephen Lucek
26.2213 Calls: Cog Science, Disc Analysis, Text/Corpus Ling, General Ling, Pragmatics/France Martine Sekali
26.2214 Calls: Computational Linguistics, Semantics, Syntax/Israel Nurit Melnik
26.2215 Calls: Applied Linguistics, Ling & Literature, Sociolinguistics/Spain Pilar Mompeán Guillamón
26.2216 Calls: Cog Science, Pragmatics, Semantics, Text/Corpus Ling, Socioling/Sweden Christine Howes
26.2217 Calls: Slavic Subgroup, General Linguistics, Language Acquisition, Syntax/Germany Teodora Radeva-Bork
26.2218 Calls: Applied Linguistics/USA Cynthia Berger
26.2219 Calls: Anthropological Ling, Applied Ling, Disc Analysis, Pragmatics, Socioling/USA Marcus Avelar
26.2220 Calls: Applied Ling, General Ling, Lang Documentation, Socioling/Papua New Guinea John M Clifton
26.2221 One-Day Giveaway: Win a Copy of Manual of Language Acquisition from De Gruyter! LINGUIST List
26.2223 Qs: Sentence completion experiment (English) Doris Schoenefeld
26.2224 Qs: The additional sense of the verb know Seiichi MYOGA
26.2225 FYI: Número Especial Revista Estudos Linguísticos Isabelle Simões Marques
26.2226 Fund Drive 2015: Donate Before It's Too Late! LINGUIST List
26.2227 Support: Psycholinguistics / France Philippe Prévost
26.2228 Jobs: Multiple Languages; Phonetics; Phonology: External Linguistic Expert, Samsung Research & Development Institute Poland
26.2229 Jobs: Dutch; English; Translation: Post Doc, University Ghent
26.2230 Jobs: Brazilian Portuguese; Discourse Analysis; Semantics; Syntax: Consultant, Appen
26.2196 Media: Sprachforschung: ''In Deutschland sterben die Dialekte aus'' - SPIEGEL ONLINE Damir Cavar
26.2197 Summer Schools: Summer Academy in German Linguistics / Munich, Germany Sonja Zeman
26.2198 Fund Drive 2015: Computational Linguistics, IU Bloomington, and Google Inc. Lead Challenges! LINGUIST List
26.2189 Support The LINGUIST List: A Word from Our Donors LINGUIST List
26.2190 TOC: Language and Sociocultural Theory 2/1 (2015) Janet Joyce
26.2191 TOC: Journal of Semantics 32/2 (2015) Carolyn Napolitano
26.2192 TOC: Canadian Modern Language Review 71/2 (2015) Tamara Hawkins
26.2193 TOC: CALICO 32/2 (2015) Janet Joyce
26.2194 TOC: Ibérica 29 (2015) Jordi Piqué-Angordans
26.2195 Fund Drive 2015: See Who's in the Lead! LINGUIST List
26.2176 Fund Drive 2015: How to Get Your Own LINGUIST T-Shirt, Tote Bag, and More! LINGUIST List
26.2177 All: Memorial for Dr. James E. Alatis Jacqueline Beilhart
26.2178 Books: Participles in Rigvedic Sanskrit: Lowe Helena Palmer
26.2179 Books: Analyse structuro-sémantique des parémies zoophytonymiques lubà: Munyoka Mwana Cyalu Simon Reber
26.2180 Books: Texte – Textsorten – Phänomene im Text: Berdychowska, Janicka, Vogelgesang-Doncer (eds.) Simon Reber
26.2181 Books: Zwischen englischsprachigem Studium und landessprachigem Umfeld: Priegnitz Simon Reber
26.2182 Books: Ensayo sobre el lenguaje ritual: Bongiorno Simon Reber
26.2183 Books: BAG – Bay Area German Linguistic Fieldwork Project: Rauch Simon Reber
26.2184 Calls: An Appeal from LINGUIST Advisor Maggie Winters LINGUIST List
26.2185 Fund Drive 2015: We Challenge YOU! LINGUIST List
26.2186 Win a Copy of English as an International Language in Asia from Springer! LINGUIST List
26.2187 Calls: Language Acquisition/Latvia Gatis Dilāns
26.2188 Jobs: Computational Linguistics; Neurolinguistics; Phonology; Psycholinguistics; Sociolinguistics: Post Doc, Laboratoire Parole et Langage (CNRS) / Aix-Marseille Université

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