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Read LINGUIST List Issues, ISSN: 31.2138 - 31.2187

50 Most Recent Issues

Issue #
31.2187 Review: Applied Linguistics: Chapelle (2019) Camille Meritan
31.2186 Books: Nigerian English: Jowitt Asja Kusnezowa
31.2185 Books: Languages in Jewish Communities, Past and Present: Hary, Benor (eds.) Asja Kusnezowa
31.2184 Books: Interpreting in Legal and Healthcare Settings: Ng, Crezee (eds.) Karin Plijnaar
31.2183 Books: The Acquisition of Differential Object Marking: Mardale, Montrul (eds.) Karin Plijnaar
31.2182 Confs: Applied Ling, Gen Ling, Socioling/Poland Piotr Romanowski
31.2181 Confs: Gen Ling/USA Akshay Aitha
31.2180 Calls: Aari;English;French;Occitan;Spanish; Anthro Ling, Applied Ling, Disc Analysis, Socioling/France Benedicte PIVOT
31.2179 Calls: Applied Ling, Cog Sci, Gen Ling, Socioling/Poland and Online Marcin Trojszczak
31.2178 Calls: Romance; Gen Ling, Morphology, Semantics, Syntax/Online Michela Russo
31.2177 Calls: Romance; Gen Ling/Online Michela Russo
31.2176 Confs: Applied Ling/Online Tony Berber Sardinha
31.2175 Confs: Applied Ling/Online Tony Berber Sardinha
31.2174 Confs: Ling Theories, Morphology/USA Andrea Sims
31.2173 Qs: In Seeking Participants for Research Studies Mengjie Luo
31.2172 TOC: SKASE Journal of Theoretical Linguistics 17 / 1 (2020) Pavol Stekauer
31.2171 TOC: Gender and Language 14 / 2 (2020) Janet Joyce
31.2170 Jobs: Chinese, Mandarin; English; Applied Linguistics; General Linguistics; Ling & Literature; Translation: Assistant Professor, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
31.2169 Summer Schools: GSD+ 2020 / Online Annika Schiefner
31.2168 Summer Schools: ER Online Summer Seminars (EROSS-2020) / Online Enrico Franconi
31.2167 Confs: Gen Ling/Russia Camiel Hamans (CIPL)
31.2166 FYI: Call for Book Chapters: Predatory Risks and Concerns Pejman Habibie
31.2165 Books: Language Ideologies in the Chinese Context: Wang Asja Kusnezowa
31.2164 Books: Discursive Navigation of Employable Identities in the Narratives of Former Refugees: Greenbank Karin Plijnaar
31.2163 Books: In Search of Basic Units of Spoken Language: Izre'el, Mello, Panunzi, Raso (eds.) Karin Plijnaar
31.2162 Books: Interactions of Degree and Quantification: Hallman Clovis Jaillet
31.2161 Confs: Ling Theories, Phonetics, Phonology/Spain Sasha Calhoun
31.2160 Calls: Applied Ling, Ling & Lit, Socioling/Hong Kong Wing Shan Ivy CHAN
31.2159 Calls: Anthro Ling, Applied Ling, Socioling/Estonia Peep Nemvalts
31.2158 Calls: Applied Ling/Online Vahid Nimehchisalem
31.2157 Calls: Cog Sci, Pragmatics, Psycholing, Semantics, Syntax/Germany Mingya Liu Liu
31.2156 Calls: Gen Ling, Morphology, Psycholing, Syntax, Typology/Germany Anke Himmelreich
31.2155 Confs: Text/Corpus Ling/Online Annette Hautli-Janisz
31.2154 TOC: Language and Cognition 12 / 2 (2020) Rachel Tonkin
31.2153 TOC: Zeitschrift für Sprachwissenschaft 39 / 1 (2020) Asja Kusnezowa
31.2152 TOC: Translation and Interpreting Studies 15 / 1 (2020) Karin Plijnaar
31.2151 TOC: Spanish in Context 17 / 1 (2020) Karin Plijnaar
31.2150 TOC: Language in Society 49 / 3 (2020) Rachel Tonkin
31.2149 Calls: Applied Ling/Austria Giulia Sulis
31.2148 Confs: Applied Ling, Gen Ling/Romania Teodora Iordachescu
31.2147 FYI: new posts January-June 2020 James McElvenny
31.2146 FYI: Association for Laboratory Phonology: New Membership Rates Molly Babel
31.2145 Jobs: Computational Linguistics; Syntax: Post Doc, University of Oslo
31.2144 Jobs: Computational Linguistics; Semantics: Scientist, University of Oslo
31.2143 Jobs: Computational Linguistics; Semantics: Post Doc, University of Oslo
31.2142 Books: Critical Perspectives on Global Englishes in Asia: Fang, Widodo (eds.) Flo McClelland
31.2141 Books: A Phonological History of Chinese: Shen Rachel Tonkin
31.2140 Books: Negative Inversion, Social Meaning, and Gricean Implicature: Salmon Asja Kusnezowa
31.2139 Books: Complex Dynamic Systems Theory and L2 Writing Development: Fogal, Verspoor (eds.) Karin Plijnaar
31.2138 Jobs: Norwegian; Polish; Applied Linguistics; Discourse Analysis; General Linguistics; Pragmatics; Sociolinguistics: Post Doc, University of Oslo

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