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Issue #
27.4980 Qs: English Native Speakers - Super Short Online Survey Cecile Barbet
27.4979 Calls: Afroasiatic, Gen Ling, Historical Ling, Lexicography/Netherlands Ahmad Al-Jallad
27.4978 Calls: Slavic, Anthro Ling, Applied Ling, Ling & Lit, Pragmatics/Taiwan Melissa Lin
27.4977 Calls: Phonetics, Phonology/Germany Anna Bruggeman
27.4976 Calls: Portuguese, Historical Linguistics/Portugal Sónia Duarte
27.4975 Confs: General Ling, Morphology, Typology/UK Penny Everson
27.4974 Confs: Computational Linguistics/Canada Charley Chan
27.4973 Calls: English, Applied Ling/Tunisia lamia Bach Baoueb
27.4972 Support: Cognitive Science; Neurolinguistics; Psycholinguistics; Sociolinguistics; Text/Corpus Linguistics / Canada Ivona Kucerova
27.4971 Books: El tratamiento teórico-conceptual de las construcciones con verbos funcionales en la tradición lingüística alemana y española: Egido Vicente Simon Reber
27.4970 Books: Crossing Languages to Play with Words: Knospe, Onysko, Goth (eds.) Pablo Dominguez Andersen
27.4969 Books: An Introduction to English Language: Kuiper, Allan Jessica Bhol
27.4968 Books: The Price of Linguistic Productivity: Yang David Weininger
27.4967 Books: Honoring Richard Ruiz and his Work on Language Planning and Bilingual Education: Hornberger (ed.) Elinor Robertson
27.4966 Books: Outside the Clause: Kaltenböck, Keizer, Lohmann (eds.) Karin Plijnaar
27.4965 Qs: Online Perception Test - Call for Participants Manon Lelandais
27.4964 Qs: Request for Participation in a Linguistic Survey Davide Zullo
27.4963 Qs: Online Study: Sentence Context Ratings (German) Mathias Scharinger
27.4962 Support: English; Anthropological Linguistics; General Linguistics; Language Acquisition / USA Lise Dobrin
27.4961 Jobs: Computational Linguistics; Neurolinguistics: Post Doc, University of Copenhagen
27.4960 Jobs: Computational Linguistics; General Linguistics; Language Acquisition; Lexicography; Sociolinguistics; Typology: Assistant Professor, Higher School of Economics
27.4959 Support: Anthropological Linguistics / USA Lise Dobrin
27.4958 Jobs: English; Phonetics; Phonology; Sociolinguistics: Post Doc, University of Canterbury
27.4957 Jobs: English; Computational Linguistics; Discourse Analysis; Semantics; Text/Corpus Linguistics: Researcher, Capital One
27.4956 Confs: Anthro Ling, Disc Analysis, Gen Ling, Lang Documentation, Lexicography/USA Michal Temkin Martinez
27.4955 Calls: Applied Ling, Comp Ling, Disc Analysis, Ling & Lit, Text/Corpus Ling/UK Paul Thompson
27.4954 Calls: Anthro Ling, Gen Ling, Lang Doc, Socioling/USA Samson Lotven
27.4953 Confs: General Linguistics/USA Michal Temkin Martinez
27.4952 Calls: Indo-European, Gen Ling, Genetic Classification, Historical Ling, Typology/Greece Leonid Kulikov
27.4951 Calls: French, Applied Ling, Cog Sci, Gen Ling, Ling & Lit, Socioling/Canada Shahrzad Mirzaei
27.4950 Calls: General Linguistics/UK George Bailey
27.4949 Books: The Cambridge Scholars Publishing Translation Studies Collection - Various Editors Chris Humphrey
27.4948 Books: The Oxford Handbook of Language and Society: Garcia, Flores, Spotti (eds.) Carolyn Napolitano
27.4947 Books: Roma: Past, present, future: Kyuchukov, Marushiakova, Popov (eds.) Ulrich Lueders
27.4946 Books: Bilingual Landscape of the Contemporary World: Grucza, Olpinska-Szkielko, Romanowski (eds.) Simon Reber
27.4945 Books: Experimentalism as Reciprocal Communication in Contemporary American Poetry: Siltanen Karin Plijnaar
27.4944 Books: Bayerische Wörterbuch Band 3/Heft 22: Denz (ed.) Pablo Dominguez Andersen
27.4943 Calls: Historical Linguistics, Linguistic Theories/Greece Alexander Bergs
27.4942 Calls: Anthro Ling, Hist Ling, Ling Theories, Socioling/USA Joe Salmons
27.4941 Calls: Portuguese, Spanish, Disc Analysis, Gen Ling, Historical Ling, Lang Acquisition, Socioling/USA Sheryl Bernardo-Hinesley
27.4940 Calls: Applied Linguistics, General Linguistics/Germany Ina Machura
27.4939 Calls: Disc Analysis, Pragmatics, Socioling/South Africa Tommaso Milani
27.4938 TOC: Sociocultural Pragmatics 4 / 2 (2016) Pablo Dominguez Andersen
27.4937 TOC: Multimodal Communication 5 / 2 (2016) Pablo Dominguez Andersen
27.4936 TOC: Glottotheory 7 / 2 (2016) Pablo Dominguez Andersen
27.4935 TOC: Zeitschrift für Anglistik und Amerikanistik 64 / 4 (2016) Pablo Dominguez Andersen
27.4934 TOC: Journal of Greek Linguistics 16 / 2 (2016) Maarten Frieswijk
27.4933 Jobs: Japanese; Applied Linguistics: Lecturer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
27.4932 Calls: Chinese, English, Cog Sci, Lang Acquisition, Neuroling, Psycholing/China Yu Yuan
27.4931 Calls: Phonetics, Phonology, Socioling/Germany Silke Hamann

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