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Fri Aug 20 1999

Books: British Sign Language

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  • Susan Cronin, The Lingusitics of British Sign Language

    Message 1: The Lingusitics of British Sign Language

    Date: 18 Aug 99 13:56:02 -0700
    From: Susan Cronin <>
    Subject: The Lingusitics of British Sign Language

    The Linguistics of British Sign Language An Introduction Rachel Sutton-Spence, University of Bristol Bencie Woll, City University, London

    This is the first textbook dealing specifically with British sign linguistics. It provides essential support for learners of British Sign Language and others interested in the structure and use of BSL, and assumes no previous knowledge of linguistics and sign language. Technical terms and linguistic jargon are kept to a minimum. The book contains over three hundred illustrations and an index of signs and sign phrases. There are also exercises and a reading list for further independent study.

    Contents: Conventions used in the text; 1. Linguistics and sign linguistics; 2. BSL in its social context; 3. Constructing sign sentences; 4. Questions and negation; 5. Mouth patterns and non-manual features in BSL; 6. Morphology and morphemes in BSL; 7. Aspect, manner and mood; 8. Space types and verb types in BSL; 9. The structure of gestures and signs; 10. Visual motivation and metaphor; 11. The established and productive lexicons; 12. Borrowing and naming signs; 13. Socially unacceptable signs; 14. Extended use of language in BSL; Table of illustrations; Index; Index of signs; Bibliogaphy.

    1999/322 pp. 0-521-63142-4/Hb/List: $64.95 Disc.: $51.96 0-521-63718-X/Pb/List: $24.95 Disc.: $19.96

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