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  1. Susan Cronin, Socioling: Language and Society, Modern Chinese History and Socioling

Message 1: Socioling: Language and Society, Modern Chinese History and Socioling

Date: 18 Aug 99 13:11:03 -0700
From: Susan Cronin <>
Subject: Socioling: Language and Society, Modern Chinese History and Socioling

Language and Society
Second Edition
William Downes, University of East Anglia

This textbook is an accessible introduction to the social aspects of
language and their various explanations. covering domains of language
use, language change, code-switching, speech as social action, and the
nature of understanding. This thoroughly revised edition includes an
up to date analysis of language standardisation, language conflict and
planning. From the reviews of the first edition:"Downes's Language and
Society is the clearest and most reliable introduction to the field of
sociolinguistics available today." (William Labov)

Acknowledgements; 1. Linguistics and sociolinguistics; 2. A tapestry
in space and time; 3. Language varieties: processes and problems;
4. Discovering the structure in variation; 5. Rhoticity; 6. At the
intersection of social factors; 7. Change, meaning and acts of
identity; 8. The discourse of social life; 9. Communication: words and
world; 10. Action and critique; 11. Language and social explanation;
Further reading; References; Index
Cambridge Approaches to Linguistics
1998/520 pp.
0-521-45046-2/Hb/List: $64.95 Disc.: $51.96
0-521-45663-0/Pb/List: $24.95 Disc.: $19.96


Modern Chinese History and Sociolinguistics
Ping Chen, University of Queensland

The Chinese language, spoken by over one billion people, has undergone
drastic changes over the past century. This book presents a
comprehensive and up-to-date account of the development of Modern
Chinese from the late nineteenth century up to the 1990s. It
describes and analyses in detail, from historical and sociolinguistic
perspectives, the establishment and promotion of Modern Spoken Chinese
and Modern Written Chinese, and the reform of the Chinese script, and
reveals the interaction of linguistic, historical and social factors
in the recent development of the language.

1. Introduction; Part I. Modern Spoken Chinese: 2. Establishment and
promotion of Modern Spoken Chinese; 3. Norms and variations of Modern
Standard Chinese; 4. The standard and dialects; Part II. Modern
Written Chinese: 5. Development and promotion of Modern Written
Chinese; 6. Norms and variations of Modern Written Chinese; 7. Dialect
writing; Part III. The Modern Chinese Writing System: 8. Basic
features of the Chinese writing system; 9. Simplification of the
traditional writing system; 10. Phonetization of Chinese; 11. Use and
reform of the Chinese writing system: Present and future;
12. Conclusion.
1999/244 pp.
0-521-64197-7/Hb/List: $59.95 Disc.: $47.96
0-521-64572-7/Pb/List: $21.95 Disc.: $17.56

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