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Books: Language Acquisition

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  1. Bart Hollebrandse, B. Hollebrandse (ed.), New Perspectives on Language Acquisition

Message 1: B. Hollebrandse (ed.), New Perspectives on Language Acquisition

Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 11:48:40 +0200
From: Bart Hollebrandse <>
Subject: B. Hollebrandse (ed.), New Perspectives on Language Acquisition

G.L.S.A. (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) announces a new volume: 

	New Perspectives on Language Acquisition (UMOP 22)
	edited by Bart Hollebrandse

This volume focuses on First Language Acquisition and its relation
with Linguistic Theory. The volume is a collection of papers presented
at the workshop "New Perspectives on Language Acquisition" held at the
University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Main issues were topics concerning the early acquisition of syntactic
structure, the acquisition of aspectual and pragmatic components of 
the grammar, the relation between language acquisition and theory of 
mind. Furthermore, some papers discussing issues concerning binding 
theory as well as island behavior and their relation with a Formal
Feature system were included. 



Early Stages of Language Acquisition

Binarity and Singularity in Child Grammar				
	Susan Powers	
Verb-Complement Patterns in Early Catalan				
	Mireia Llin�s i Grau
Agreement Mismatches and the Economy of Derivation			
	Sharon Armon-Lottem

The Acquisition of Verb Movement in Hebrew
	Shalom Zuckerman	

Developing Representations I: Specificity, Aspect, and Theory of Mind

The Interaction of Syntax and Pragmatics in the Acquisition of Scrambling
	Jeanette Schaeffer

Specificty, Acquisition of DPs, and the Development of a Theory of Mind
	Ana T. P�rez-Leroux	
What Children Know When They know about Viewpoint Aspect: Aspect and Theory
of Mind									
	Laura Wagner	
On learning the Role of Direct Objects for Telicity in Dutch and English 
	Angeliek van Hout	

Developing Representations II: Tense and Theory of Mind
Tense and Discourse in African-American English
	Michael Walsh Dickey, Valerie Johnson, Thomas Roeper and Harry Seymour


On Acquiring the Structural Representations for False Complements	
	Jill de Villiers	
On Theory of Mind and Sequence of Tense in Dutch			
	Bart Hollebrandse	

Later Stages in Child Language: Binding and Island behavior 
Optimality Theory, Child Language and Logical Form 			
	Arild Hestvik	
Reciprocity and Binding in Early Child Grammar
	Ayumi Matsuo

On the Nature of Children's Left-Branch Violations			
	William Snyder, Deborah Chen, Maki Yamane, Laura Conway, and Kazuko

Negative Islands in Language Acquisition
	Lamya Abdulkarim, Thomas Roeper, and Jill de Villiers	
Finding Fundamental Operations in Language Acquisition: Formal features as
	Thomas Roeper

further information: 	
	Graduate Linguistics Student Association
	Linguistics Department UMass
	South College
	Amherst, MA 01003
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