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Fri Oct 8 1999

Books: Uralic Langs, Formal Linguistics

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  1. LINCOM EUROPA, Uralic Langs - I. Nikolaeva, Ostyak
  2. Michael Bernstein, Formal Linguistics - WCCFL 18 Proceedings

Message 1: Uralic Langs - I. Nikolaeva, Ostyak

Date: Mon, 04 Oct 1999 21:07:08 +0200
Subject: Uralic Langs - I. Nikolaeva, Ostyak

Irina Nikolaeva, Russian Academy of Science

	This study is intended to provide a grammatical description of
Ostyak, one of the Uralic languages spoken in Western Siberia. The
description is based on the Northern Ostyak dialect of Obdorsk,
although divergent features of other dialects are also discussed. The
present paper emphasizes the syntactic aspect of the language,
typically ignored in previous descriptive ork on Ostyak, which mostly
concentrates on its phonology and morphology.

	Part 1 is a concise sketch of the Ostyak grammar, made up of
the following sections: "Introductory remarks" (geo- and
sociolinguistic data, previous studies, dialect division), "Phonology"
(including phonotactics and prosody), "Morphology" (grammatical
categories, word formation, illustrative paradigms), and "Basic
syntax" (types of simple and complex sentences, discourse
phenomena). A sample text in the Obdorsk dialect of Ostyak is

	Part 2 elaborates on certain syntactic topics that are of a
particular interest from the typological viewpoint. In particular, the
following topics are discussed: information structure and word order,
object agreement, passivization, the relative clause, clause-chaining
and reference tracking, and the category of the evidential.

	Part 3 serves to provide the necessary reference. It contains
the bibliography relevant to the present study, as well as the basic
bibliography on Ostyak. The latter includes editions of the folklore
texts, lexicographic publications, comprehensive descriptions, and the
most important studies on certain aspects of the Ostyak grammar.

	Irina Nikolaeva completed her dissertation at the Finno-Ugric
department of the Institute for Linguistics of the Russian Academy of
Science. She has been publishing on synchronic and diachronic aspects
on various Siberian languages.

ISBN 3 89586 562 1 
Langugas of the World/Materials 305
Ca. 100 pp. EUR 32.72 / USD 44 / DM 64 

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Message 2: Formal Linguistics - WCCFL 18 Proceedings

Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 10:13:36 -0400
From: Michael Bernstein <>
Subject: Formal Linguistics - WCCFL 18 Proceedings

Proceedings of the 18th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics

Cascadilla Press is excited to be publishing the WCCFL 18 Proceedings
on CD-ROM as well as in print. The proceedings will contain 48 papers
from the conference held last spring in Arizona. The proceedings will
be available in December, and we're offering a 20% to 40% discount for
advance orders placed by October 15. You can see an overview at:

and there are links to the table of contents and to the order form.
The CD-ROM will have all the papers in pdf format, so you can easily
browse or search the contents on your computer and print out the
papers you want. The proceedings will also be available in paperback
and library binding.

CASCADILLA PRESS * 1-617-776-2370 * fax: 1-617-776-2271 *
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