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Mon Nov 15 1999

Books: Japanese Conversational Analysis

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  • Paul Peranteau, Conversational Analysis: Negotiating Agrrement in Japanese, J. Mori

    Message 1: Conversational Analysis: Negotiating Agrrement in Japanese, J. Mori

    Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 14:49:27 -0500
    From: Paul Peranteau <>
    Subject: Conversational Analysis: Negotiating Agrrement in Japanese, J. Mori

    Negotiating Agreement and Disagreement in Japanese. Connective expressions and turn construction. JUNKO MORI (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Studies in Discourse and Grammar 8 US & Canada: 1 55619 374 2 / USD 75.00 (Hardcover) Everywhere else: 90 272 2618 0 / NLG 150.00 (Hardcover)

    On the basis of the meticulous transcription/observation process of 'Conversation Analysis', this book observes recurrent patterns in sequences where Japanese speakers negotiate agreement and disagreement. It contributes to the growing body of research on 'interaction and grammar' by examining how linguistic recourses are utilized for constructing turns and anticipating the upcoming course of interaction. More specifically, it focuses on the recurrent use of two structurally different types of connective expressions: clause-initial connectives and clause-final connective particles. The study examines the occurrences of these causal and contrastive markers with reference to their sequential environment and the resulting interaction. While the introductory chapters situate this approach in the current literature, the main analytical chapters investigate the ways in which 'delivery of agreement', 'delivery of disagreement', and 'pursuit for agreement' are performed with the use of the different types of connective expressions. As one of the earliest conversation analytic studies of Japanese, this book also addresses methodological issues concerning cross-linguistic, cross-cultural studies of human interaction.

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