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Sat Dec 18 1999

Calls: Semantics/Ling Theory, Tree Adjoining Grammars

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  • Semantic and Linguistic Theory 10 Conference, SALT X - Semantics and Linguistic Theory
  • Lionel Clement, TAG+5 (Tree Adjoining Grammars/Related Formalisms) - SECOND CALL

    Message 1: SALT X - Semantics and Linguistic Theory

    Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 14:43:34 -0500
    From: Semantic and Linguistic Theory 10 Conference <>
    Subject: SALT X - Semantics and Linguistic Theory


    Invited speakers Irene Heim, MIT James Higginbotham, Oxford and USC Peter Lasersohn, Illinois Mats Rooth, Stuttgart


    Semantics and Linguistic Theory Tenth Annual Meeting Cornell University, Ithaca, NY June 2-4, 2000

    SALT 10 invites submissions for 30-minute presentations (with 10 additional minutes for discussion) on any topic in the semantic analysis of natural language emphasizing the connection to linguistic theory. Authors should submit 10 copies of abstracts, no more than 2 pages (1,000 words) long. Authors' names, address, affiliation, status (faculty/student), phone number and e-mail address, paper title, and list of prior or planned presentations at other conferences should accompany the abstracts on a 3x5 card. E mail and fax submissions cannot be accepted.

    Deadline for receipt of abstracts is Monday, January 31, 2000. The program will be announced in early April 2000.



    SALT does not accept papers that by the time of the conference have appreared or have been accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

    Preference will be given to presentations not duplicated at other major conferences (including LSA, NELS, WCCFL, etc.). Authors are asked to indicate prior or planned presentations of their papers on the abstract submission card.

    Any person can submit at most one abstract as sole author and a second abstract as co-author or two abstracts as co-author.


    Send abstracts to: SALT 10 Organizing Committee Department of Linguistics Morrill Hall Cornell University Ithaca, NY 14853-4701 USA

    Further announcements will be made as the conference approaches.

    Inquiries are welcome to the address above, or by e-mail to

    Proceedings of SALT are in general available from For the Proceedings of SALT 2, write to

    Message 2: TAG+5 (Tree Adjoining Grammars/Related Formalisms) - SECOND CALL

    Date: Sat, 18 Dec 1999 18:23:03 +0100
    From: Lionel Clement <>
    Subject: TAG+5 (Tree Adjoining Grammars/Related Formalisms) - SECOND CALL

    ********************************************************************* ____ __ __ _ ___ (_ _)( ) / _) _( )_ | __) || /__\( (/\(_ _)|__ \ (__)(_)(_)\__/ (_) (___/

    TAG+5 International Workshop on Tree Adjoining Grammars and Related Formalisms May 25 - 27, 2000 Jussieu, Paris, France



    (version fran�aise infra)

    The fifth workshop on tree-adjoining grammars and related frameworks (hence the + after TAG) will be held at the University of Paris 7, from May 25 to May 27 2000, sponsored by ATALA (Association pour le Traitement Automatique des Langues).

    Previous workshops were held at Dagstuhl (1990), UPenn (1992), Univ. Paris 7 (1994) and UPenn (1998).

    Original submissions on all aspects of TAGs (linguistic, mathematical, computational, and applicational) are invited, as well as those relating TAGs to other frameworks, lexicalized (dependency grammars, categorial grammars...), tree-based (DTG, TFG, GB...) or feature-based (LFG, HPSG...).

    As in the past, there will be some invited talks on other grammar formalisms which have interesting relationships to TAGs.

    ABSTRACTS: You can submit papers for three kinds of presentations: long talks (25 minutes + 5 min for discussion), short talks (10 min + 5) and/or tool demonstrations.

    Please note that an author (or a given set of co-authors) should not submit more than one paper.

    Submissions will be anonymous, and should therefore not include the author's name, nor any self-reference. Abstracts should be no longer than 4 pages. 2 hardcopies should be sent by surface mail to: TAG+5 UFRL, Universit� Paris 7 TALaNa, case 7003 2, place Jussieu F-75251 Paris cedex 05 A separate identification page (with the following information : title of the paper, author's name, affiliation, postal address, email address, fax and telephone number) should also be included. Please also indicate if you submitted your abstract to other conferences. Also a postcript file should be sent to Please indicate "tag+5 submission" in the subject field.

    Important : all postcript files MUST be in an A4 format Proceedings including extended versions of accepted abstracts will be available at the workshop.

    Languages of the workshop: English and French

    If you do not want to submit an abstract, but would like to attend, we would appreciate if you could send a message. If you would like to present a demo, please let us know as soon as possible, including information about required hardware and software.


    Deadline for submissions: January 22 Notification of acceptance: March 3 Deadline for camera-ready extended abstract: April 15 Workshop Dates: May 25 to May 27



    La cinqui�me conf�rence sur les grammaires d'arbres adjoints (TAG) et

    autres formalismes proches (d'o� le +) aura lieu � l'Universit� Paris 7 du 25 au 27 mai 2000 sous l'�gide de l'ATALA (Association pour le Traitement Automatique des Langues).

    Les conf�rences pr�c�dentes se sont tenus � Dagstuhl (1990), UPenn (1992), Univ. Paris 7 (1994) et UPenn (1998).

    Les communications pourront porter sur tous les th�mes ayant trait aux grammaires d'arbres adjoints (linguistique, math�matique, informatique et applications) aussi bien que sur leur relations avec d'autres th�ories linguistiques (grammaires de d�pendance, grammaires cat�gorielles, DTG, TFG, GB, LFG, HPSG, etc.).

    Comme par le pass�, les conf�renciers invit�s pr�senteront des travaux sur d'autres formalismes dont la relation avec TAG semble int�ressante.


    Trois types de communications seront propos�s : longues (25min. + questions), courtes (10min. + questions) et d�monstrations sur machine.

    Notez que chaque auteur et groupe d'auteurs ne doivent soumettre qu'un seul r�sum�.

    Les r�sum�s anonymes de 4 pages au maximum seront envoy�s en deux exemplaires par la poste avant le 22 janvier 2000 � l'adresse suivante :

    TAG+5 UFRL, Universit� Paris 7 TALaNa, case 7003 2, place Jussieu F-75251 Paris cedex 05

    Une page d'identification s�par�e (contenant le titre de la communication, le nom, l'affiliation, l'adresse postale et �lectronique, le num�ro de t�l�phone et de fax de l'auteur) devra �tre jointe. Merci de pr�ciser si le r�sum� a �t� soumis � une autre conf�rence. Le r�sum� doit �galement �tre envoy� par courrier �lectronique au format postscript � l'adresse suivante : avec "tag+5 submission" comme objet. Important : Tous les fichiers postscript doivent �tre au format A4.

    Les actes de la conf�rence contiendront les versions compl�tes des r�sum�s accept�s.

    Les langues de la conf�rence sont l'anglais et le fran�ais.

    Les participants qui ne soumettent pas de papier sont �galement invit�s � nous contacter avant la conf�rence. Pour les d�monstrations sur machine, nous devrons conna�tre au plus t�t les besoins de chacun en logiciel et mat�riel.


    Date limite de soumission : 22 janvier 2000 Notification aux auteurs : 3 mars 2000 Version finale : 15 avril 2000 Conf�rence : 25-27 mai 2000

    ********************************************************************* PROGRAM COMMITTEE COMIT� DE PROGRAMME Anne Abeill� (Univ. Paris 7 and IUF) Bangalore Srinivas (AT&T Research, Bell Labs) Tilman Becker (DFKI, Saarbr�cken) Tonia Bleam (Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia) Pierre Boullier (Inria, Rocquencourt) Marie-H�l�ne Candito (LexiQuest and Univ. Paris 7) John Carroll (Univ. of Sussex) Eric de la Clergerie (Inria, Rocquencourt) Laurence Danlos (Paris 7 and Loria, Nancy) Christy Doran (ITRI, Brighton) Christophe Fouquer� (Univ. Paris-Nord, Villetaneuse) Robert Frank (Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore) Ariane Halber (ENST Paris - Nuance) Beth Ann Hockey (SRI Cambridge) Aravind Joshi (Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia) Sylvain Kahane (Paris 7 and Paris 10) Patrice Lopez (DFKI, Saarbr�cken) Gertjan Van Noord (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen) Martha Palmer (Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia) Owen Rambow (AT&T Research) Christian R�tor� (Inria, Rennes) James Rogers (Univ. of Central Florida, Orlando) Giorgio Satta (Univ. of Padova) Mark Steedman (Univ. of Edinbourg) K. Vijay-Shanker (Univ. of Delaware) Bonnie Webber (Univ. of Edinburgh) David Weir (Univ. of Sussex, Brighton)


    TAG+5 UFRL, Universit� Paris 7 TALaNa, case 7003 2, place Jussieu F-75251 Paris cedex 05

    phone: +33 1 44 27 53 70 fax: +33 1 44 27 79 19 email: web:

    LOCAL ORGANIZING COMMITTEE COMIT� LOCAL D'ORGANISATION Anne Abeill� (Paris 7) Nicolas Barrier (Paris 7) S�bastien Barrier (Paris 7) Marie-H�l�ne Candito (Paris 7 and Lexiquest) Lionel Cl�ment (Paris 7) Kim Gerdes (Paris 7) Alexandra Kinyon (Paris 7 and Univ. of Pennsylvania) Patrice Lopez (DFKI, Saarbr�cken)