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  1. Janet Spaulding, Sociolinguistics from Benjamins Publishing

Message 1: Sociolinguistics from Benjamins Publishing

Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 11:18:40 -0500
From: Janet Spaulding <>
Subject: Sociolinguistics from Benjamins Publishing

FOCUS ON IRELAND Jeffrey L. Kallen (ed.) (Trinity College Dublin)
1997. xviii, 260 pp. Varieties of English Around the World, G21 US/
Canada: Hb: 1 55619 718 7 Price: USD $74.00 Rest of the World: Hb: 90
272 4879 6 Price: NLG: 148,--

Irish English is both the oldest overseas variety of English and,
thanks to its co-existence with Irish Gaelic, one of the
longest-documented examples of a contact-influenced language
variety. The dual aspects of substratal influence and dialectal
conservatism, together with the spread of this variety in the Irish
diaspora and its use in literature, provide the main impetus for
research into Irish English. This volume brings together 12 original
papers which use a variety of methods to examine these aspects of
English in Ireland. Following a historical introduction which looks
critically at received views of language diffusion in Ireland, three
papers directly address the role of the Irish-language substrate in
Irish English. Detailed studies also describe non-standard syntax in
Belfast, systems of dental and alveolar phonemic contrast,
contemporary sound change in Galway, Irish English prosody, dialect
wordlists, and the uses of Irish English, notably Ulster Scots, in
contemporary literature. The North American perspective investigates
the role of Irish English in Newfoundland, and examines a corpus of
8th-century documents which reflects the language brought to the
United States in the early development of American English. The range
of approaches and data included make this book relevant to all those
interested in language contact, diffusion, change, and variation.
Contributions by: Jeffrey L. Kallen; Terence Odlin; Markku Filppula;
Donall P.O. Baoill; Alison Henry; Joan Rahilly; Roibeard O Hurdail;
Alma Collins; Brigitte Van Ryckeghem; John M. Kirk; Sandra Clarke;
Michael Montgomery.

Hindu University) 1997. x, 260 pp. Varieties of Eng. Around the World,
T7 US/ Canada: Hb: 1 55619 720 9 Price: USD $45.00 Rest of the World:
Hb: 90 272 4716 1 Price: NLG 90,--

Indian English, or rather, the forms of English used in India, have
long been a topic of interest for laymen and scholars. For
generations, the 'exotic' nature of the transplanted language was
commented on and often ridiculed as a matter of unintentional
humor. Only since the 1960's have the local forms of English been
recognized for what they are -adaptations of the world language to
local needs. These adaptations vary to an enormous degree depending on
the speaker' (and writers') education and the uses they make of the
language. The author was one of the first to see the need for a proper
sociolinguistic description of the Indian situation and the forms and
functions of English in this complex set up.

EVEN MORE ENGLISHES Manfred G\246rlach (University of Cologne)
1997. x, 260 pp. Varieties of English Around the World, G22 US/
Canada: Hb: 1 55619 719 5 Price: USD$ 59.00 Rest of the World: 90 272
4880 X Price: NLG 118,--

Even More Englishes comprises Manfred G\246rlach's more recent papers
devoted to general problems of the world language and to individual
varieties. The collection starts with principal questions as to what
can rightly be regarded as 'English', looks at specific features of
emigrant Englishes and the value of individual features as evidence
for linguistic geography - and for linguistic jokes. The functional
range of Scots is traced through its history, and the question is
raised whether we are justified to speak of 'Celtic Englishes' in
Britain and Ireland. Two papers investigate the forms and functions of
the world language in two African states, South Africa and Nigeria. A
survey of new dictionaries of varieties of English and a discussion of
whether pidgin and creole languages need different types of
dictionaries are followed by a documentation of the history of the
author's projects in the field of English as a world language. Even
More Englishes complements Englishes and More Englishes previously
published in the Varieties of English Around the World book series.

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