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Books: Language & Gender

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  1. Mary Bucholtz, Reinventing identities: The Gendered Self in Discourse, M. Bucholtz

Message 1: Reinventing identities: The Gendered Self in Discourse, M. Bucholtz

Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 13:45:22 -0500
From: Mary Bucholtz <>
Subject: Reinventing identities: The Gendered Self in Discourse, M. Bucholtz

New from Oxford University Press
Available for fall courses

Reinventing Identities: The Gendered Self in Discourse
Edited by Mary Bucholtz, A. C. Liang, and Laurel A. Sutton

Volume 1 in Oxford's new series Studies in Language and Gender

The Reinventing Identities website, featuring additional data, graphics,
and audio and video clips from the studies in the book, will be available
by August 1999 at:

As the inaugural volume of Studies in Language and Gender, Reinventing
Identities offers a broad vision of what the field of language and
gender studies will look like in the new millennium. Reinventing
Identities is as wide-ranging as gender itself, which takes on new and
surprising forms in new contexts. The volume attends to myriad
cultural forms of gender: within the U.S. context, chapters focus
variously on African Americans, Latinas, Native Americans, and
European Americans, while on a more global scale, contributors examine
discursive gender relations in local contexts in Europe and Africa as
well as North America. And via the influence of the emergent field of
queer linguistics, Reinventing Identities includes a sizable number of
studies of sexuality as well as gender.

A contextually and theoretically rich collection of studies of the
gendering, ungendering, and regendering of language, Reinventing Identities
is an important contribution to the field's current reinvention of itself.
The volume invites scholars and students alike to rethink what it means to
study the intersection of language and gender and where that intersection
is located.

ISBN: 0-19-512630-0


Introduction: Bad Examples: Transgression and Progress in Language and
Gender Studies - Mary Bucholtz, Texas A&M University

Part 1: Identity as Invention

 1. No Woman No Cry: Claiming African American Women's Place - Marcyliena
Morgan, University of California, Los Angeles, and Harvard University
 2. Coherent Identities amid Heterosexist Ideologies: Deaf and Hearing
Lesbian Coming-Out Stories - Kathleen M. Wood, Gallaudet University
 3. Good Guys and "Bad" Girls: Identity Construction by Latina and Latino
Student Writers - Marjorie Faulstich Orellana, Northwestern University
 4. Constructing the Irrational Woman: Narrative Interaction and
Agoraphobic Identity - Lisa Capps, University of California, Berkeley
 5. Contextualizing the Exotic Few: Gender Dichotomies in Lakhota - Sara
Trechter, California State University, Chico

Part 2: Identity as Ideology

 6. Changing Femininities: The Talk of Teenage Girls - Jennifer Coates,
Roehampton Institute
 7. Rebaking the Pie: The WOMAN AS DESSERT Metaphor - Caitlin Hines, San
Francisco State University
 8. All Media Are Created Equal: Do-It-Yourself Identity in Alternative
Publishing - Laurel A. Sutton, University of California, Berkeley
 9. Strong Language, Strong Actions: Native American Women Writing Against
Federal Authority - Rebecca J. Dobkins, Willamette University
10. "Opening the Door of Paradise a Cubit": Educated Tunisian Women,
Embodied Linguistic Practices, and Theories of Language and Gender - Keith
Walters,University of Texas at Austin

Part 3: Identity as Ingenuity

11. The Display of (Gendered) Identities in Talk at Work - Deborah Tannen,
Georgetown University
12. Gender, Context, and the Narrative Construction of Identity:
Rethinking Models of "Women's Narrative" - Patricia E. Sawin, University of
North Carolina, Chapel Hill
13. Language, Socialization, and Silence in Gay Adolescence - William Leap,
American University
14. Turn-Initial No: Collaborative Opposition Among Latina Adolescents -
Norma Mendoza-Denton, University of Arizona
15. Conversationally Implicating Lesbian and Gay Identity - A. C. Liang,
University of California, Berkeley

Part 4: Identity as Improvisation

16. Indexing Polyphonous Identity in the Speech of African American Drag
Queens - Rusty Barrett, University of Texas, Austin
17. "She Sired Six Children": Feminist Experiments with Linguistic Gender -
Anna Livia, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
18. Purchasing Power: The Gender and Class Imaginary on the Shopping
Channel - Mary Bucholtz, Texas A&M University
19. From Folklore to "News at 6": Maintaining Language and Reframing
Identity through the Media - Colleen Cotter, Georgetown University
20. Constructing Opposition Within Girls' Games - Marjorie Harness Goodwin,
University of California, Los Angeles
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